Summer Beauty

The 7 New Summer Beauty Products We're All Fighting Over

You’ll want the cream that transforms into a water gel.

By: Katie Becker

Welcome to our 30 Days of Summer Beauty! For the next month we’ll be hooking up how-tos for hot weather salvation, our favorite beauty product suggestions, and interviews with cool people we love about their own beauty routines.

We are kicking things off on the solstice, and probably the only things we love more than a lingering golden hour at the end of the longest day of sunlight are all beauty products that help us look as good as we do during golden hour every other day of the year. These summer beauty launches just landed on our desks, and not only do they stand out for being genuinely different than the rest of the stuff we see in the market, but they actually work. This is summer lovin’ from the beauty section:

Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush

If a serum-y blush sounds hard to control, it’s just the opposite. While cream blushes sometimes require tugging, which can screw up foundation, and powder blushes can apply funky when you’re sweating (hello, summer), this liquid blends in super easily by just tapping it in with your fingertips.

MAC x Chromat Eye Shadow X 6 / #Chromatbabe Super Pack

Launching next week, the eye candy in this palette ranges from daily wearable shades to serious risk takers (who’s volunteering for the neon red shadow?), but altogether, the Chromat fashion designers who masterminded this collection landed on a combo that feels like a classic.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler

Low-maintenance peeps, rejoice. This first-ever rinse-out styler is used just like a conditioner: you don’t need to let it sit, and you can just rinse it right out. It leaves a coating of high-tech styling ingredients so your hair looks smooth and polished as it dries, whether you have curls, waves, or frizz-prone straight strands.

Oribe Feather Balm Weightless Styler

Volume is an issue for everyone in the summer: either you’ve got too much or you’ve got too little. For the latter crowd, this styler is barely detectable to the touch, but when you blow-dry with it, you can make a style that actually lasts against a muggy day.

Coppertone Clearly Sheer Whipped Sunscreen SPF 30 and 50

Hopefully, you’re just as religious about wrinkle- and cancer-preventing sunscreen as we are, but either way you’ll be addicted to this mousse sunscreen. It honestly feels like you’re covering yourself in dessert.

Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream

You’ve never felt a moisturizer like this before. The soft cream has what’s called a “water break” in the industry, where it suddenly transforms into a watery gel as you rub it into the skin. It feels refreshing, but it’s legit nourishing as it contains Sisley’s cult favorite anti-aging ingredient, black rose oil.

Vilhelm Parfumerie Basilico & Fellini Eau de Parfum

You may not know this yet, but you’re a sucker for fig fragrances. The ingredient, which stands out alongside basil, dragonfruit, and vetiver in this blend, is both fresh like a forest yet delicious like a fruit—like biting into an entire orchard all at once.