10 Pieces of Art That Are Actually Affordable

Who said you had to be a millionaire to have a decent art collection?

By: Jodi Taylor

Sprucing up your new, or already existing, apartment or home is never easyor affordable, for that matter. Once you’ve spent your entire life savings on furniture, the last thing you want to do is shell out another grand or two (or three or four) on art to fill your painstakingly stark white walls. While we’ve already educated you guys on how to start an art collection, we now want to talk affordable art, because, I mean, we’d still like to treat ourselves to our weekly Sweetgreen.

To figure out an affordable way to go about buying art, we turned to interior designer and art advisor Sarah Paul. She has sat on the Guggenheim’s Young Collectors Committee since 2008 and was this year’s co-chair of Toronto’s well-known Power Ball gala, so it’s safe to say she knows what she is talking about. Paul says: “Collecting art and design is more than acquiring objects for investment or decoration—these pieces become part of a family’s history and part of the fabric which is their daily lives.” We like the sound of that. Herein, ten pieces of reasonably priced art you should purchase immediately.


Jean-Michel Basquiat Hollywood Africans Museum Print, $95

“Jean-Michel Basquiat is a favorite of famous collectors like Leonardo DiCaprio, but his paintings can cost as much as $110,000,000! In buying a museum print, you can communicate your good taste, train your eye, and save a few bucks at the same time.”

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet Untitled (2016), $150

“The work of Jean-Baptiste Bernadet reflects on art history, art present, and the sensory-visual experience of the viewer. Bernadet is an emerging artist to watch. Buying works that support organizations like White Columns is a fantastic way to start collecting. Their ‘Xerox Editions’ and ‘Print Portfolios’ are offered at an accessible price, and it’s a fantastic way to add a curated group of small artworks that look great when hung together in a powder room, hallway, or salon wall.”

Josh Reames COWPOKE, $250

“Dallas-born, Brooklyn-based Josh Reames creates paintings inspired by images from the Internet, where objects are flattened to fit on a digital screen. His work is accessible yet aggravating, just like the constant bombardment of images that he portrays. Along with more established artists, you can find some rising stars like Reames in the pre-curated group on Exhibition A. The works will not grow in value as much as his paintings, but it is a great place to start or fill out some empty space while you save up.”


“I love the rich, bright colors of John McAllister’s paintings. He used to be a night security guard at The Metropolitan Museum in New York, where he would stare at Post-Impressionist paintings by Matisse for hours. I first saw his work years ago at James Fuentes Gallery, but now his paintings are out of reach for those on a budget. At Exhibition A you can order framed prints at a fraction of the price of a painting.”

Maurizo Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari Butt Mirror, $400

“Maurizio Cattelan is one of the cheekiest artists working today! He is never too shy to make work that is humorous or controversial. Artware Editions is a great place to go if you want art that does more than just hang on the wall. They have many home decor items designed by well-known artists that can double as art.”

Edward Granger Mystify the Mind #1, $585

“The geometric artworks by Edward Granger are fun to look at, and a great way to add some colour and dizzying effects to a space! The former architecture student has done collaborations with Hermès and Ralph Lauren, and he is also fun to follow on Instagram.”

Tschabalala Self Choker (2017), €650

“Yale-educated Tschabalala Self has taken the art world by storm, and she is only 27 years old. Self creates strong layered images deciphering the methods in which black female bodies are portrayed in our culture. Her work has a maturity that has been compared to the likes of Kerry James Marshall and Picasso. An edition was made along with her exhibition at Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art and can be ordered from England.”

Julia Dault Holograms 1, £1080

“Julia Dault is a Canadian artist who works in the mediums of abstract painting and sculpture. Her paintings can cost upwards of $10,000, so a print like this one is a good way to put this mid-career artist in your collection, while supporting an art organization like Dundee Contemporary Arts.”

Carroll Dunham Cold and Dark, $1200

“For some people, Carroll Dunham is known primarily for being Lena Dunham’s father. First made famous in the 1980s for his vulgar play between the cartoonish and the abstract, he is very influential among younger artists, yet still considered as moderately priced for someone of his renown.”

John Baldessari Love and Work, $1800

“Though conceptual, Baldessari’s work is in its simplest terms focused on building meaning through tension by juxtaposing language and images. His impactful and striking work has made him one of the most important artists of our time. When money is a big concern but you want to collect the best, aim for well-respected artists and choose well-priced photographs or prints. Try to gradually buy from smaller editions of prints or unique works.”