Everything Wellness Expert Whitney Tingle Is Eating and Doing to Prep for Her Wedding

Her take on healthful eating is actually easier than not eating well.

Everything Wellness Expert Whitney Tingle Is Eating and Doing to Prep for Her Wedding

When Sakara Life’s co-founder Whitney Tingle calls you up to spill the beans on not only her dreamy destination wedding in Israel, but also exactly how she’s prepping for, uh, one of the biggest days of her life, you listen. Closely. And if you’re us, you take some detailed notes so that you can spread the wellness word. Because wedding season (even just those two little words!) is stressful—whether you’re the bride-to-be, bridesmaid, or even just a lucky plus-one—it’s not exactly the time to slack on self-care. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Sakara lifestyle and Tingle’s regimen, it’s that nourishing your body from the inside—with dark leafy greens, healthy fats, lots of H2O, and supplements—along with a heavy dose of time-to-yourself should be first up on any bride’s beauty agenda.

Read on to see how Tingle is putting her gut health (not very sexy, but very important) and couples workout regimen at the forefront of her mind until she says I do.


What she’s eating to nourish everything from her digestive tract to her skin and hair:

“To prep physically I’m doing Sakara—I eat Sakara all the time, but often I’ll snack on other things, have business dinners, or not be as strict on the weekends. But leading up [to] the wedding, I’m following it more strictly, and right before, I’m doing our Level II Detox.

“As a bride you can really do it at any point; I did it earlier in the year to jump-start my physical changes. Level II makes you aware of your snacking habits and relationship to food. You’re starting with a clean slate and more self-aware, so it’s easier to be healthy.

“Sakara just shows up at your door, ready to eat. You don’t have to think about it. All the meals taste good cold, so you can throw it in your bag and eat it wherever you are without having to heat it up. Or you can dump the greens into sauté pan with olive oil, then plate it with dressing and have a nice warm meal in five minutes flat.”


Why drinking *and eating* water is the key to clear, glowy skin:

“My story is about having cystic acne, trying everything and not finding a solution, not even Accutane could cure me. I didn’t have a skin issue, I had a gut issue. Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside, in your gut, digestive system and microbiome. Eating this way will help keep breakouts at bay and give your skin that glow. It’s not about just drinking your water, it’s about eating it, too. Drinking water is great for flushing out toxins, but you need to be eating foods with a high water content like leafy greens, berries, cucumbers, melons and vegetables.

“Our Beauty Chocolates have plant ceramides that go through your bloodstream and replenish your skin from the inside. Women will go out and get botox (and if it’s your wedding and you want to, great), but as we age we start to loose the lipids in our skin, and that’s when you develop dry skin and wrinkles. These chocolates help replenish that.”


How she’s tackling old acne scars and her advice to others, too:

“I’ve been going to Skin Laundry once a week, and it’s made such a difference. I have acne scars still, and in photos you can see the shadows. My friend and makeup artist, Carmindy [Bowyer], is all about enhancing your natural beauty, and she recommended her dermatologist, Rose-Marie Ingleton, and the Clear + Brilliant Laser. When I first got to New York I thought somebody was going to cure my acne! I went to all these fancy dermatologists and nobody could help me. I tried SO many different treatments, pills, creams, and lasers, nothing worked. It was because I wasn’t treating the root cause. It really is all about gut health; most issues go back to your gut.”


Her tip for carving out time with your betrothed amidst chaotic planning:

“I decided to move my wedding budget around from flowers to workouts! I’ve been doing Pilates with Annie [Venier] at Le Petit Studio. I’ve gotten injured doing other classes, and she makes sure I’m not hurting myself while still getting a really good workout. And I’ve been using Caravan, a wellness website which matches you with instructors and healers. My fiancé and I have been doing yoga together as a way to spend time together. One of our teachers likes to bring meditation into the sessions. When youre planning a wedding, working and traveling, you get so stressed out and can get upset with each other. Doing a private yoga session in your home can help you reconnect and feel more loving. It’s helped us make better decisions together and remember that we are getting married and no matter what, it’s going to be great.”

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