Desert Island Beauty

The Day-to-Night Foundation You Never Need to Reapply

Yet I still affectionately tote it around in my purse.

By: Katie Becker

There was a time when I didnt need foundation. That time has passed. Between late-onset adult acne, my inability to have more than two drinks at dinner without losing all life in my face the next day, and dark circles that I keep swearing must be residue from yesterdays mascara (but, sadly, are not), I really need more of a full face concealer than anything else. Tinted moisturizer has no place in my life. This Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Cream Foundation found me last summer when I was on set with makeup artist Miguel Lledo who, without even testing the color on my skin, handed me a tube in my exact shade, and I havent looked back (given the $125 price tag, Im not entirely sure whether Im lucky for that). One light coat covers almost everything, and a second dab over trouble spots is just as good as concentrated concealer, but my favorite thing might be the natural-looking, glowy finish that garners complexion compliments I thought were long gone for me. Though I always take the tiny tube around with me in my purse, the truth is I almost never need to break it out for a touch-up, and if I do, it takes all of 60 seconds using my fingers. My only warning: This is a pretty concentrated liquid formula, so let it set for a few minutes before a morning make-out with your boyfriend, or his beard will never forgive you.