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Everything a Victoria’s Secret Model Stocks in Her Kitchen

We were honestly surprised when we opened her fridge!

Everything a Victoria’s Secret Model Stocks in Her Kitchen

There seems to be endless interest in figuring out what models ~actually~ eat, how they *really* exercise, and what products they truly can’t live without. We’re guilty of perpetuating this interest, but honestly, models are interesting! It is what it is. Take all of the above topics and multiply them by a factor of a million when it comes to Victoria’s Secret models.

Which is why, when we had access to Devon Windsor’s kitchen, we couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to find out the contents of her fridge, cupboards, pantry, snack drawer—all of it.

For someone who is paid to be really, really, really ridiculously good-looking, and who, as a consequence of said job, is almost never actually at home, Devon cooks a lot! And not just wimpy things like steamed tofu and sadness—she makes pasta! And eats ice cream! There was beer in her fridge! And Coca-Cola—the real kind!

What else was within that meticulously organized kitchen? Click through to find out.


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