June 2017 Horoscopes: Taurus

June 2017 Horoscopes: Taurus

APRIL 20 – MAY 20

Hannah Becker

Secret admirer much? When Venus and Uranus link up in your mysterious twelfth house on the 3rd, the stars are aligned for you to have a steamy, out-of-the-blue encounter. If you’re not feeling the romance, a killer idea for a creative project or spiritual retreat comes out of nowhere. A few days later, Venus (your patron planet) enters your sign, ramping up your charisma and sex appeal. Use it to your advantage, especially under the Sagittarius full moon in your intimacy sector on the 9th. Alternate scenario? Someone wants to pay you for your art, big-time. A Cancer new moon in your networking house closes out the month with warm, fuzzy feelings towards the company you’ve been keeping. If you feel like you should reach out to a friend or professional contact, do it. More than likely, the feeling’s mutual!

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