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How to Get Rihanna to Notice You

As told by Sita Abellan, who was discovered by the Bad Gal on Instagram thanks to her own bad-ass look.

How to Get Rihanna to Notice You

If you’re going to drag a Louis Vuitton trunk up the stairs for Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money” music video, you can’t not look the part. The same thing can be said about being discovered by her on Instagram—if Rihanna has enough time to do a double-take at anything you post, you’re clearly doing something very, very right.

Sita Abellan really *was* discovered by Rihanna on Instagram and cast in “Bitch Better Have My Money,” and has also walked the Runway for Fenty x Puma. Just one look at her and it’s evident why: She has a style that’s entirely her own, and she couldn’t care less about what anyone else has to say about it (see her embroidered thorned rose shirt that says “Fuck Off”). Sita’s style shows that you can wear whatever you want, and if you won’t? She undoubtedly will. Here’s four tips for how to try to get what she has going on. And who knows? Maybe the Bad Gal herself will even take note.


1. Tell everyone how you really feel with logos and slogans galore.

Sita says most people are surprised that she is so nice when they meet her. She doesn’t understand why anyone would think otherwise—but we think it may have something to do with her proclivity for strongly-worded tanks that say everything from MOSCHINO to Fuck Off.

2. If it’s pierced, studded and Marilyn Manson would wear it, so should you.

When Sita first heard of Marilyn Manson, she was scared, but now she finds his look inspiring. Everything she wears definitely incorporates his signature goth look, which involves lots of BDSM-type chokers (thanks, Zana Bayne) and anything that resembles a piercing.

3. All-black is just not an option.

With blue hair, most people would probably steer away from too much color, worrying about clashing and looking like too much. Clearly neither of those phrases are part of Sita’s vocabulary, as she isn’t afraid to wear any assortment of colors at all times.

4. Wear sunglasses inside, outside and everywhere.

Going through Sita’s Instagram, you’re likely to come across every pair of sunglasses you’ve ever wanted. She wears them often, usually with big frames and colored lenses, regardless of whether it’s sunny or not. We can’t blame her, and instead want to imitate her, hoping to create at least half the air of mystique that follows her everywhere.

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