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How Shalice Noel Gets Ready for the Ultimate Night Out

Including the best new beauty buy, the best pizza in Chicago, and the jewelry that ties it all together. In collaboration with Tiffany & Co.

How Shalice Noel Gets Ready for the Ultimate Night Out
Alec Kugler
Meagan Wilson

We’ve made it no secret that we think the best part of going out is getting ready. But when said getting ready process also happens to involve piling on as many pieces from Tiffany & Co.’s latest HardWear collection as possible (don’t try us), we consider the proverbial getting-ready ante upped. Big-time.

So when Shalice Noel, a Chicago native and Los Angeles transplant, told us she would be making a homecoming of sorts to celebrate the new line with Tiffany & Co., we jumped at the chance to drop in on her getting ready and get a peek at the new pieces for ourselves. And by jumped at the chance, we literally mean jumped on a flight down to Chi-town and booked a room at the Park Hyatt (baby bottles of Le Labo <3). What? We told you this was a big one. Here, Shalice takes us through her getting-ready routine, her (completely genius) new favorite beauty buy (we would be lying if we said we didn’t make a late-night Sephora run after our shoot), and how she’s styling her favorite pieces from the HardWear collection.


On her look for the night:

“I was looking for something that looked a little special [to wear tonight]. I wanted something that I don’t usually wear every day. I also wanted it to complement the gold jewelry. Funny enough, a friend of mine mentioned this dress. I wouldn’t have chosen it on the hanger, but then I put it on like, ‘That’s it!’ I felt really comfortable with it, and it felt special.”

On those ~fire~ Vetements boots:

“The dress needed the boots to toughen it up. And the silk duster was actually such a great investment. It goes over jeans, over dresses, and skirts.”

Her favorite piece from the HardWear collection:

“It’s a hard question [to choose a favorite Tiffany & Co. HardWear piece], but I really fell in love with the rings. I want to wear them as knuckle rings. They’re very simple, but it has an edginess to it. I like how the baubles and the balls look on the hand. It’s a cool look.”


How she describes the collection:

“The collection feels very New York. The New York girl invests in really good staples, she dresses really well, but less is more [to her]. It’s about simple lines, but quality.”

How she fuels up for a big night out:

“I make sure I eat a lot of almonds and protein before I go, because it’s usually a late night.”

What you’ll hear blasting from her Spotify:

“I like [to listen to music] to get into the mood, especially before shoots. I have some ’90s favorites. I’m kind of all over the place with music. I like some pop, I like folk. I grew up in the South, so I really like country music. It loosens me up a little bit.”

Her favorite part of her look for the night:

“I like that the earrings are so lightweight—I don’t like things that are too heavy on my ears. They’re refined, chic, and classic.”


How she describes the Tiffany & Co. girl:

“I think the Tiffany girl has a career, she has impeccable taste, she knows what she doesn’t like. For her, less is more. She is wearing her baubles with a silk cami and a well-made leather jacket and some heels for a night out.”

The beauty product she won’t get ready without:

“What I’ve been using lately before events are eye pads, by Tatcha. I do them for 20 minutes while I’m getting ready. You just pop them on. It relaxes any puffiness under your eyes, so you look awake.”

What else you’ll find in her beauty bag:

“I love Laura Mercier’s moisturizing foundation. There is a lot of dryness in L.A., so I like that [it’s hydrating]. I like really simple lips—If I’m doing a red, I’m always wiping it off at night. And maybe a little fake lashes.”

What’s inside her night-out clutch:

“If you were to look inside my bag, you’d probably find my credit card, mints, Kiehl’s lip balm, and a little concealer stick, just in case. I carry small bags.”


Her favorite part of the night:

“The event was amazing. It was a colder evening in Chicago, at an awesome venue. We had the windows and doors open. The vibe was very refined. We had a lot of people from all over the country. I was just excited about the HardWear collection [and getting to] try things on. Showing friends, taking pictures, and it was great for me to see my family there.”

Why she was so excited to come home to Chicago:

“I was so excited when Tiffany & Co. asked me to come out, I jumped on it. It was a reunion [of] sorts, and it was really good for me to see friends that I haven’t seen in a while, catch up, and see my family. It was really special.”

What’s on her must-do list for a weekend back home:

“Lou Malnati’s pizzaI have to do that before I go back to L.A. There are so many good restaurants in Chicago. I do like to go to the Girl and the Goat Diner for breakfast. I went to NoMi with my friends; awesome views, really good sushi.”


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