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Olivia Culpo Once Burned Off Her Hair

It’s why she’ll never use this beauty tool ever again.

Olivia Culpo Once Burned Off Her Hair
Adam Torgerson

Anyone else remember tilting their head onto an ironing board (or, in desperate situations, the bed) and forcing their BFF to iron (with an actual clothing iron!) their hair into crease-free strands? Praying every time that you won’t raise your head and leave some singed fringe behind? And is it just us, or are you also happy that it’s one of the only remaining early-aughts beauty trends that will never make a comeback? Olivia Culpo is with us, too. But for her, the nightmare of burning off a big chunk of hair was actually reality—but by way of another innocuous styling tool. Here, we talk to Culpo about how she’s over risking it with hot tools, the one pantry item she swears makes her hair Pantene-shiny, and what her beauty-blogger handle would be.


Her no-frills AM beauty routine:

“The first thing I do when I get up is use Kate Somerville’s under-eye de-puff stick. Then, I’ll use an SPF to protect my skin, and then after that, I will put on La Mer eye cream. I’ll use La Mer’s beauty hydrating spray. That’s pretty much it. I don’t do that much in the morning. I just want to make sure my skin is hydrated and protected from the sun.

“After that I like to have green tea and take all of my vitamins. I’ve been using the Olly multi-vitamins.”

What she’s listening to while putting on SPF:

“Something country because I love country music. Lately I’ve been listening to Miranda Lambert’s new country album.”


The pantry item she swears gives her shiny hair:

“My favorite hair treatment is actually super affordable. It’s just coconut oil. For me, that’s always been my go-to because it’s an easy way to protect the ends of your hair. There is also SPF in coconut oil, naturally, so it will protect your hair from sun rays. That is my number one secret and I have never found anything that works better.”

That time she burned off her hair:

“I do have a story with a hair dryer, which is why I’m really grateful now for GHD, which goes to 365 degrees and is a styling tool that is not too hot. When I was staying with my sister, her boyfriend had a hair dryer under the sink, and I had just gone through a really tough breakup. I was having the worst morning ever, and I go to blow-dry my hair and didn’t realize that the front of the blow dryer was completely broken. I ended up burning off a whole section of my hair. I remember walking out of the bathroom and looking at my sister and beginning to cry. She looked at the top of my head and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Olivia. It’s going to be okay.’ Ever since then, I don’t use mystery or hotel hair dryers. You just never know.”


The beauty tool she’s obsessed with:

“I have been using Nurse Jamie Uplift Wand, which for me has been so incredible. It’s the best tool, and it’s non-invasive. It has crystals in it, so it brings out and helps stimulate the collagen in your skin. It is basically just a roller that you can use after washing your face. It helps to stimulate the collagen, and it’s incredible. It is one of my favorite tools. Another beauty product that I love lately is the Hanacure mask. It’s literally the best and most uplifting mask I’ve ever tried. It’s brand-new and it’s so, so good. I’ve been using the gold masks as well, from Adore [Cosmetics].”

If she had her own beauty Youtube channel:

“If I were a beauty blogger, my handle would be ‘Brows and Ice Cream.’ I would do a really cheeky pose constantly of my eyebrows and eye peeking over a giant, large ice cream sundae.”

The last song she sang in the shower:

“This song called ‘Tuxedo’ by Clare Dunn, and it’s a country music song. It’s really weird.

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