Editors’ Least Glamorous Beauty Products

It’s not always attractive being this well-groomed

By: Hannah Baxter

As much as we’d all love to pretend that our bathrooms are glistening beacons of La Mer face cream and Rodin body oil, it’s more often than not the underappreciated heavy-hitters lurking in the back of our cabinets that really get the job done. Whether it’s a little recurring dandruff or a miracle (b)acne gel, everyone should admit when they’ve got a less-than-chic beauty concern that requires a sometimes unlikely drugstore staple. So what if the packaging is tacky and printed on cheap plastic? If it works, it works.

There’s absolutely no shame in the Coveteur staff’s skincare game, because we know that sometimes the best recommendations come from a trusted coworker. Luckily, we’re all more than willing to offer up our favorite unglamorous products to the online universe so you, too, can find a cure to whatever is bothering you. Remember, everyone goes through a few days/weeks/months of trying to squash that stupid chin cyst or keep their hands from cracking in the winter weather. Don’t despair! Real beauty lies on the inside, and when even that mantra can’t make you feel better, sometimes it’s hiding at the bottom of a teenager’s salicylic acid blemish cream.

Check out all the completely unsexy products below for our unabashed endorsements.

“My least sexy product is Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. I tried forever to get P50 to work for my skin, but it’s a little too harsh. Bragg’s gives my skin that P50 glow but is a little less intense, since I dilute it to one part ACV, two parts water.” —Laurel Pantin

“Before you all start trolling me, just know that I am all for natural beauty and think that cellulite is A-OK—we’re all human, and it’s another great part about being a woman. That being said, I do like to keep mine under control a little bit, and this Elancyl cream is a dream come true for that. The secret? The 3D Caffeine Complex. Genius, I tell ya.” —Jodi Taylor

“Whenever I have a breakout on my face, I put on this cream, and the next morning it’s less red and starts to fade. It makes me feel bad for my boyfriend, who has to sleep next to my cream-spotted face (very sexy), but in the morning when I wash it off, I feel like I can go out and be seen in public again.” —Tara Gonzalez

“One of my least favorite parts of being a woman is when our hormones decide to rear up and bring back a skin problem you haven’t battled since you were a teenager—keratosis pilaris. These little bumps pop up on my arms every time the seasons change (fun!), so I keep a super attractive tub of Stridex medicated pads soaked in salicylic acid on my bathroom shelf. They work wonders!” —Hannah Baxter

“Okay–this is strictly glamorous in the sense that it’s yet to be released to the public. But Ashley Black’s FaceBlaster is an itty bitty device inspired by the OG FasciaBlaster, designed specifically to contour and sculpt the face. My new favorite thing to do after landing somewhere and checking in to my hotel is to marathon , applying massive amounts of face oil, and shimmy this around my mug before passing out.” —Meagan Wilson

“The first time I started using this shampoo wasn’t because I had flakes, but because I ran out of my usual bottle and found it in my parents’ cosmetic pantry. Desperate times, friends. But let me tell you, for someone who has fine hair (but a lot of it), most shampoos leave my hair limp and greasy-feeling within a day, but with Head & Shoulders, it’s so squeaky clean I can actually make it an extra day without washing. A huge feat! Honestly, my hair never feels as fresh as it does with this unsexy wash.” —Noah Lehava

“My trainer a few years back told me that he found it very attractive when people had soft and well-kept feet. Having a background in dance and sports, that description couldn’t have been more opposite to describe mine. I took matters into my own hands (literally) by buying the best foot cream out there...that happens to be a really aggressive hand cream. Every night, I cover my feet in this lotion...and occasionally on my hands as the label instructs.” —Meg Gegler

“Bacne… Never glamourous. My dermatologist back home in Florida turned me onto this body acne spray during a particularly horrible breakout in college. It cleared up any body blemishes I had and has kept my skin in check ever since, especially during the warm summer months when I’m sweating through my clothes. Fair warning, though: Use in a well-ventilated room, as the scent is pretty pungent when first applied. After it dries, you’re good to go and scent-free!” —Dana Burke

“Apparently Gigi Hadid uses the non-store version of this scrub (which is from St. Ives and still only a few bucks), but somewhere along the line, my boyfriend started buying the Rite Aid brand instead....and I continued using it in the shower, no questions asked. I rarely scrub my face with it—it’s my chest and back areas that get exfoliated by these little beads, since I’m prone to getting teeny tiny whiteheads in the warmer months (ugh) and am desperately trying to combat that. Very unglamorously, it makes me feel like I’ve fully washed off all my sweat from the night before and have unclogged my pores, leaving me with clear skin and more confidence to rock summer clothes.” —Samantha Sutton