How to Justify a Major Jewelry Purchase

How to Justify a Major Jewelry Purchase

As it turns out, the best things in life *aren’t* free.

Alec Kugler

I have wanted to own a Holly Dyment ring for-ev-er. I love them. The weird enamel patterns, the unusual color combinations, the cheeky use of gems (this one was done in collaboration with Gemfields, meaning the rubies were entirely ethically sourced)—I can’t get enough. I also can’t afford one! Surprise! Historically, she’s made these enamel and precious-stone rings in one rather large size, but recently she started doing a more scaled-down version that is ever so slightly more accessible. Imagine finding one of these in your Cracker Jack box? The ultimate prize!

In some sort of twisted logic, I could give up my popcorn habit (Skinny Pop, why can’t I quit you?!) in order to justify this “prize”? It’s a stretch, but it’s been a long week.


600 family-sized bags of Skinny Pop at $4.50 = 1 Holly Dyment Mini Ring at ~ $2,700, 

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