What Karlie Kloss and Maggie Gyllenhall Did to Prep Their Skin for Tonight’s Met Gala

We got real-time updates from master facialist Joanna Vargas.

By: Laurel Pantin

Joanna Vargas does *not* screw around when it comes to skincare—and neither do her clients. She regularly tends to the likes of Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore, and Rachel Weisz, and today—the Oscars of fashion (tonight is the Met Gala, if you haven’t been on Instagram in like, a week, and don’t know)—she was seriously busy.

From working on Karlie Kloss to Haley Bennett and Maggie G and her super-hot husband Peter Sarsgaard, the celebrity facialist and founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and skincare collection had her hands on some pretty major faces today. And, lucky us, she gave us the rundown on everything she did over a crazy day of prepping.


“I get acupuncture from Dr. Lipman monthly and a vitamin drip every few weeks. I can’t really afford to get sick with my schedule always so packed, so I try and stay on top of my health.”

“I do a mask on my face almost every night before bed. I’m always wearing my hair in a bun, so I am a huge fan of Jen Atkin’s hair accessories to make me feel more ‘done.’ The little box is for my jewelry—I tend to wear the same things every day. Besides my wedding rings, I always wear the same pair of Jennifer Fisher earrings. She’s a client and a good friend, so I’m surrounded by love and good vibes when I work!”

“I’m a big believer that beauty begins with a good night’s sleep. I started using a sleep mask a few months ago, and it was life-changing. I sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed!”

“I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but you will always see me with my brow pencil and mascara. When I get to work, I put on a little makeup and spend 15 minutes painting onto my Hobonichi planner. I look at art books for inspiration—this one is Frida Kahlo.”

“I always have fresh flowers delivered to the office daily, but I also like to stop by a florist in my neighborhood to choose a few in person. It relaxes me to do a few things to create the décor of my space before the day gets crazy.”

“Juice Generation is down the street from my office, so I drink a Supa Dupa daily. It keeps my energy up all day without the crashes that I get from drinking coffee.”

“Bryant Park is across the street from my office, so if time allows, I like to take advantage of the space and spend a few minutes taking in the zen atmosphere.”

“I usually record certain treatments throughout the week to use for training purposes for my team. Estheticians are visual learners!”

“Right when I think I might give up, my assistant brings me a carrot juice to get me through the final half of my craziest day!”

“I am very blessed to have become very good friends with some of my clients. I’ve known this beauty, Hayley Bennett, for a few years now. I always schedule extra time after her facial so we can hang out a little. We do a lot of shopping together!”

“Karlie [Kloss] is a longtime client and always up for having fun during a service. If you are in the salon while she’s here, you can hear us laughing the entire time.”

“I met Maggie many years ago through my dear friend Dr. Frank Lipman. She has great skin and is such a sweetheart!”

“I am Peter’s first foray into skincare. One of the best things about my work is me being able to meet best friends, moms, sisters, and husbands.”