We’re Styling Our Apartments After This Soho Store

Down to the custom-upholstered pink velvet Milo Baughman seating.

By: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Julia Robbs

Remember when, as a teenager, you’d fantasize about opening a store with your best friend? You’d dream about all the cool things you’d sell, what it would look like, who would shop there, and how great it would be to go to work every day and hang with your best buddy?

Now imagine that becoming reality, except your best friend actually shares your same first and last name, you’re married to two brothers, and between the two of you, you have eight (!!!) gorgeous children. Oh, and the store has two Manhattan locations and carries perfect Americana-inspired staples. Such is life for Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard—the sisters-in-law, pals, and business partners behind Veronica Beard.

Their line of perfect everyday jackets (with genius interchangeable dickeys), easy, sexy dresses, and slim trousers has a new home in their SoHo location at 78 Greene Street, which officially opens tomorrow. To celebrate, we got a tour of the new digs straight from the Veronicas themselves.


“Basically every Veronica Beard store that we open is going to be unique. Uptown started and was supposed to have more of an uptown feel. Downtown feels much more us. It is more mid-century, and everything in the store is found. The art is all from Voltz Clarke, so it is a mishmash of every artist that we love.” —Veronica Swanson Beard

“We pick every piece of artwork and created the gallery walls. It’s mixed in with photography of our own and these old vintage posters. It’s a really eclectic mix. We wanted it to feel very home-inspired, so it feels like you’re walking into this Veronica Beard apartment, our home. It’s obviously very colorful, because we love color. We really wanted it to be a fully immersive experience, that you get the brand and you feel like you walked into a place where you are not only buying our clothes, but you understand what we love.” —VSB

“I love the front because I love that we can draw people in with this window area and the mannequins. The floor-to-ceiling windows are awesome here because it’s a very deep and narrow store, but it’s always bright.” —Veronica Miele Beard

“The chairs are Milo Baughman, and the sofa is Adrian Pearsall. It comes from one of our favorite stores–our favorite resource is ‘Again & Again.’ It came from Texas, and it is so girly and over-the-top. The watermelon crushed velvet was perfect for it.” —VSB

“We want warmth and approachability in the store. I think a lot of stores are scary to people, especially in SoHo. None of the buildings are perfect and modern or cold; we always want to have an approachable, fun environment.” —Veronica Miele Beard

“I’m more involved in the store design process, just from an interior standpoint, but we design everything together. We’re in every collection, every design meeting, everything in the company we are constantly together on.” —VSB

“We design for lifestyle, so we’re constantly thinking of the customer and where she’s going and what she’s doing.” —VMB

“Spring is an homage to America and American classics and that preppy–in our collection we are always going for a preppy, bohemian, kind of cool, classic, chic situation. You are sort of smacked in the face when you walk in by the red, white, and blue and the tennis.” —VSB

“Our clothes always have a twist too—icons with a twist. Not just your regular chambray dress, it’s got a real sexiness. It’s ruched, it’s tight, but it’s also loose where it needs to be, and it’s casual, but you can throw on a beautiful pair of shoes and go into the evening with it.” —VMB

“I call this the birth canal. When we first moved in, it was like the birth canal into this room. My favorite spot though is back by the ‘I Want It All’ sign because my version of ‘all’ is different from your version and different than Veronica’s version, and it is just an amazing, powerful way to think that you can have it all. That differs from person to person, but you should be able to have whatever your ‘all’ is and go after it. For us, this was part of that ‘all.’” —VSB

“We always say that having kids before we started this business and starting a family was such an amazing thing that we didn’t realize at the time. It put our priorities in line, in terms of what we can and can’t do from a manpower standpoint, but also, when you have eight kids, which we do between the two of us, life moves really quickly and you need to be in and out of the door in 5 minutes. Our whole thing is, these are pieces that you grab, the jacket you throw on with jeans or over your leggings if you’re going to [the] gym or dropping off your kids, or you’re running to work, or doing whatever you’re doing—you look polished and put together.” —VSB

“The easiest way [to build a gallery wall] is to start with your favorite piece or the piece that you want to be focal, and then everything has to be offset. That is how it looks best. Otherwise it’s too rigid and symmetrical. What’s fun about gallery walls is that they’re a mishmash of different things.” —VSB

“You feel great when you look great. When you feel like you’re appropriately dressed and you can enter somewhere and feel good, it’s everything, especially in this lifestyle. We both had babies after we started this business, so it’s not like the world stops when you’re having a baby. I think it helped us figure out that you can still build businesses, do your thing, be a mom or be a pregnant mom and still look good and feel good.” —VMB

“This is an Aztec marble table. It literally took 10 guys to bring in here. It is *the* piece in the place. We got it for such a deal, and it is a piece of art.” —VSB

“We are so different. We have different pockets of friends, our families are from different parts of the United States, we have different styles… And yet, I love coming to work every day to hang out with her. Sometimes I’m like, don’t bother me, I’m PMS, or you know, really bad day with the kids. You don’t want to talk to me today. We work each other’s problems out.” —VMB