Imagine Coco Chanel Driving A Hybrid Around Paris

In which we envision how the icon would do Paris in 2017.

By: Stephanie Mark

By now, we’ve gone to a mystery bookshop, the Venice boardwalk and a spiritual mecca with Chanel to experience a day in the life of Gabrielle Chanel in 2017. Our last stop on the tour was in Paris (natch) where we sat down with Marie Ange Casta in the legendary Lapérouse restaurant in the 6th arrondissement to break down how she things Coco would conquer Paris in current day.



If Gabrielle Chanel was alive today, how do you think she would wear the Gabrielle bag?

“She would wear it over her shoulder to keep her hands free.”

What would her coffee order be?‎

“An espresso.”

Who do you think her best friend would be?

“Probably an upcoming writer or painter.”


What would her perfect day in Paris in 2017 look like?

“A day without any fighting, any fear. Just love and respect for everyone.”

If you could bring her along on your perfect day, where would you take her?

“We would go alongside ‘les quais de seine.’”

What do you think she would say about the current wave of feminism?

“She would be the first to militate in favor of feminism. And she would say that the fight is not over.”



What Paris neighborhood would she live in or be?

“Still at the Ritz!”

Where in Paris would she brunch?

“In her suite at the Ritz.”

What would she drive?

“A hybrid car, I hope.”


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