The Best Beauty Looks from the 2017 Met Gala Red Carpet

Some were straight-up pretty, others were batsh*t crazy—and we loved every single one.

By: Laurel Pantin

We’ve already combed through many of the highlights from tonight’s Met Gala red carpet—like Jaden Smith cutting his hair, then bringing it to the red carpet; or Rihanna showing everyone up; or Priyanka Chopra arriving with Nick Jonas (WTF is happening there?!)—but we’ve barely skimmed the surface of the attendees’ beauty looks.

So without further ado, here are our favorites from a night literally packed with standouts.


We can't see *much* of Rihanna's beauty look, but what we can see, we loooove. Here's to everyone wearing blush instead of highlighter after this.

Ashley Graham, wow. The dream!

All hail Zendaya, the queen of everything! Her hair! Those lips! She looks so perfect, we can hardly stand it.

If anyone can make a case for shaving your head bald, dumping silver paint all over it, and then rolling around in silver sequins and glitter, it's Cara Delavigne. SHE LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!

Doutzen looks like an angel. Not exactly Comme-inspired, but an angel nonetheless.

Aside from the fact that Jaden Smith was showing off his newly shorn head (with his dreadlocks serving as his handbag for the evening), his grill, and the faint bleach on his supershort hair is really, really, *really* cool.

Dree Hemmingway bleached her eyebrows; now *we* want to bleach our eyebrows.

On anyone else, this hairstyle and makeup might look just plain nuts. On Gigi Hadid, it's a revelation.

OK, Grace Hartzel! Claps for playing by the rules.

Oooh, we'd love to see everyone wearing *this* kind of flower crown to Coachella. Hayley Bennett looks great.

We're not 100% sure what's happening with Jemima Kirke, but we don't hate it.

Not surprised that Katy Perry really stuck with the theme here.

Kendall Jenner looks so effortless and happy, despite the fact that nearly her entire backside was exposed in her La Perla gown. Totally into it.

Oooh Kerry! Why so nervous? You look great with your cropped bob and natural makeup!

Kim Kardashian looking *very* Kim Kardashian here.

Even though nearly every single celeb had a blunt bob on the red carpet, Kylie's is our favorite. That blonde!

Lily Collins is almost unrecognizable with this black bob wig and black lipstick—and we love it.

We're not sure we've ever seen Lily Rose Depp with a tan, but we're totally on board—just as long as it's faux. Don't wreck your skin, Lily!

Mary Kate and Ashley look like two brilliant ghosts. To be honest, we'd be disappointed if they didn't look slightly spooky.

We love this super-polished look on Nicki. That makeup is *flawless*.

Another flawless blonde super-short cut on Rita Ora. This one's a wig, but still.

There is nobody cooler than Sasha Lane. Nobody!

Selena Gomez's bob is razor-sharp but also looks so soft and shiny and swingy.

Nobody should ever attempt this hair again, because nobody could ever do it better than Sofia Richie.

Despite having the most beautiful hair, we love the super subtle details about Solange's look—if you really look closely, you can see white painterly details along her left cheek and earlobe. Solange wins for most creative!

We're just drooling over Zoe Kravitz. Nothing else to say except that she's perfect.

Adwoa Aboah is one of our absolute favorites, and she did *not* let us down tonight!

Ok, Kate Hudson!

The word that comes to mind from Karlie Kloss's beauty look? Power.