The Vogue Fashion Editor Behind Those Gucci Memes

Georgia Tal is obsessed with J.W.Anderson & owns Margherita Missoni’s vintage leather jacket. Milan.

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Noah Lehava
Photography: Alec Kugler

You know those nights in with friends when the Malbec is flowing and things get a little...nutty? Most of the time there’s photographic evidence you hope will never see the light of day (here’s wishing you were clearheaded enough not to share), but for Georgia Tal, the happenings of such a wine-fueled night typically involve a cache of right-off-the-runway designer pieces, an iPhone, a cleverly named IG account (@checkinginvoices), and a particularly face-shy friend who also may be a contortionist (?). And for the Greek-born, Milan-based Vogue Accessories fashion editor, it also ends up in a Gucci collaboration. Yup, *this* Gucci meme.

But this is hardly the first time we noticed Tal; she’s been a constant figure at fashion weeks and street style galleries and has worked with some of the most luxurious brands, like her personal favorite, J.W.Anderson. That brings us to her wardrobe, which is stuffed with Loewe (like we said, she loves J.W.) and one of the most impressive collections of miniskirts weve ever seen. Then there was the most epic Fendi purple fur coat we ever photographed and the heaviest Jil Sander dress we ever tried to hang on a picture frame. Her accessories can’t be overlooked: HKD earrings, Paula Cademartori bags, and Marcus Almeida sunglasses. But just like Tal’s Checking Invoices nights, our shoot wasn’t complete without its very own masking moment—ft. Stormtrooper.

Let’s just say that we had so much fun, we ended up spending the entire day with Tal (her Milan guide coming soon to Coveteur).