Can We Just Talk about Gigi Hadid’s Birthday Outfit?

She took it from day party to *party* party with a few key changes.

By: Samantha Sutton

If you’re the type of person who loves celebrating their birthday—breaking out the cakes, partying with friends, the whole shebang—then what you wear day-of tends to be a pretty big deal. That’s why we can totally understand Gigi Hadid’s tiny outfit change, which occurred over the weekend as she rang in 22.

While the model started out celebrating with Zayn, pairing a pink Alice + Olivia duster and cropped white tee with jeans, she quickly went into party mode as the sun went down, swapping out the denim for bright green Cinq à Sept bottoms. Gigi also added a pink wig—fun!—and some round pink shades, making sure to show off her look on Instagram stories by snapping a mirror selfie.

Get a good look at her quirky ensemble below. 


Gigi first celebrated with a cake—and Zayn—while wearing a pink duster, a cropped white tee, and jeans.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@gigihadid

But later on, she swapped out her pants, opting for a bright green Cinq à Sept option instead.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@gigihadid

A closer look. Sooo shiny!

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@gigihadid

Plus, we can’t forget that pink wig or those round glasses. This girl knows no birthday is complete without a standout look!

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@gigihadid