These Brands Make the *Most* Flattering Jeans

These Brands Make the *Most* Flattering Jeans

Legs for days!

Remember the “Slave 4 U” Britney Spears days when our jeans were cut lower than our underwear? I know. Me neither. Now, even mid-rise feels low. Only the highest will do. Still, maybe because of my height (a not-very-dramatic 5'9"), I find it near impossible to find jeans that actually reach my navel—even those that are labeled “high-rise.” Anyone else? My search has seen me spend countless collective hours in dressing rooms, stalk models (their jeans always seem to fit them just right), and accost multiple PR professionals. But I swear to you, whether you have a similarly extra-long pelvic area or not, the five brands and styles here will get you that high-waisted silhouette—there’s no annoying half-inch-off among them.


This Japanese brand does a specific wide-leg style—the Odessa—that will rise above even the longest hips. They also possess that perfect snug-in-the-butt, wide-in-the-leg ratio that’s ideal for spring.


Admittedly, I discovered Nobody Denim and their ultra high-rise cut by flagging down Winnie Harlow during a shoot. She claims they’re her favorite brand, and when you see how their skinny style gives you that ass, well, you get why. They’re my new favorite too.


It’s my belief that more people need to know about this brand. DL1961 is one of the very best doing denim right now—and I was not paid to say that. Their Goldie and Hepburn style are real high-rise jeans. Like the vintage ones you’ve dreamt about and never found—they’re that cool.


Re/Done is part of the reason we’re even talking about high-rise denim to begin with. Vintage style “mom” jeans are their bread and butter. And they’re damn good at it. If you can stomach the price tag once, you’ll probably wear them forever.


If I had a nickel for the number of times I’ve asked people the make of their denim (are you sensing an obsession here?), and they tell me it’s Rachel Comey, well, I might have a couple bucks. Suffice it to say, she makes excellent denim that cuts more like a trouser than a jean, which usually means it fits better too.

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