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Michelle Phan’s New Beauty Brand Is Finally Here

She told us about why she needed a break from social media and the five YouTubers who are helping her shape the direction of her company.

Michelle Phan’s New Beauty Brand Is Finally Here
Adam Torgerson

If you’ve ever Googled “how to do a cat-eye” or searched YouTube for “cashmere kitty” (Ed note: is this a thing?), you’ve likely come across a video by Michelle Phan. Even if you haven’t searched those things (hi, me), you’ve still probably heard of the beauty-slash-digital-slash-social genius.

A few years ago, Phan launched her product, a palette, with Lancôme, eventually releasing a second collection with L’Oréal. She had millions and millions of followers and was living the dream—right? Well, apparently not exactly. She experienced total burnout and decided to unplug for a while and travel for inspiration. She was so absent from social media that a few fans apparently worried she had died. Woah.

When she got back, Phan bought her brand back from L’Oréal, and today she relaunched EM Cosmetics with the help of five friends, or “muses,” whom you might have also heard of: Jade Simmone, JKissa, Mariah Leonard, Roxette Arisa, and Promise Phan. Each something of a beauty wizard in her own right, Phan relies on them to be a sounding board for the new products.

And last week, they celebrated the relaunch and invited us to be a fly on the wall as all six of them prepped for the night at the W Hotel Hollywood (you might have caught it on our Facebook Live feed…).

Here’s what they had to say about the new products, why it’s so great working with Michelle, and what she’s most excited about for the future.

“Before a night out, I always use a really wet, hydrating sheet mask for ten minutes. After I take it off, I like to use an essence right away, because it helps to absorb moisture really well. From there I add concealer and a lot of blush to build in color. I make sure to leave some skin bare so it doesn’t get too oily and because I think it’s nice to show your natural skin texture. Sometimes I’ll drink a glass of wine while I get ready for a natural glow.” —MP
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