This Serial Entrepreneur Has a Thing for Gucci & Vintage Treasures

Marta Jankovska travels the world sourcing vintage. In collaboration with Mi Vintage Label.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

We’ve encountered our fair share of fashionable jet-setters (we like to think of ourselves as one among them), but it’s rare we see someone roll up with a teeny-tiny carry-on and pull out piece after piece like she’s fashion’s Mary Poppins reincarnated. Even better that those pieces included Gucci platforms, Miu Miu bags, and a serious vintage collection.

Such was the case when Marta Jankovska comes through New York for a stopover during her usual commute between Barcelona and L.A. Sound like a nice life? It is. Jankovska is the founder of Mi magazine, Mi Vintage Label, and Mi Studios, a set of companies that has leveraged the influencer market into a media and vintage retail juggernaut. Jankovska herself is kind of like the European shepherdess whom influencers and would-be-influencers should follow.

And her vintage savvy is real. After living in London (where the vintage shopping is similarly on-point), Jankovska realized how much of Europe didn’t have the same market. Now, her team sources ’80s and ’90s-era fashion from all over the world and upcycles it to feel modern. Love what you see? That’s great, because you can now shop online at her brand new website,! Of course, Jankovska herself gets first dibs—and her vintage Moschino and reworked Levi’s certainly speaks to that. Now she just has to teach us her packing secrets…