How to Look Sporty and Rich

How to Look Sporty and Rich

As illustrated by Emily Oberg.

Emily Oberg has mastered her routine. She knows what she likes and doesn’t stray from it: every time she posts on Instagram, she posts in threes. Every time you see her, she’ll most likely be wearing sneakers, a designer bag, a vintage t-shirt, and jeans. To describe her look in three words is easy: it’s less but better. She makes us want to adopt a uniform (and also work out every day and buy a wardrobe of Nikes.) Even though her look is laid-back and she makes everything look easy (seriously, have you seen her keep her cool around celebrities while also doing planks on Get Sweaty?), her style isn’t easily duplicated. For those willing to try (we don’t blame you), we’ve put together four tricks on how to look Sporty and Rich using everything we’ve learned from the girl whose aesthetic (and brand of the same name) is both.


1. Invest in designer bags and stalk eBay for CHANEL

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite designer bags (they arent cheap, but an investment rarely is), and if you need some inspiration to save, see all of the things our editors are giving up to afford their dream pieces here. Plus, Emily said she found her dream pair of CHANEL trainers in perfect condition in her size on Ebay! So basically just make it your homepage until further notice.

2. Never pass up a sneaker. Ever.

Dont you want to lay in a pool of sneakers? Of course you do. Emily has pairs stocked in all of her drawers and along every wall of her Williamsburg studio. Also see the word Sporty in Sporty & Rich. Need we say more?

3. Go thrifting, and come back with every vintage t-shirt you find (bonus points if they feature a sports team).

In person, thrifting can be stressful. We get it! Luckily, you can find great vintage online and can make most sizes work for different styles. XXXL? Dress! XXS? Crop top! Anything in between? Shirt!

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The Vintage Twin, $39-$179

4. Find decor that is a little chic and a little street.

She has candles from Byredo and tchotchkes from Chinatown. She has a book on Matisse’s cutouts and a framed photo of Shaq and Cindy Crawford. Everything she had looked perfect with a sneaker and bag draped over it. And yes, we’ll give up our firstborn for the monogrammed LV blanket.

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