Fashion Superlatives

These Are Our Favorite Fashion Looks of the Week

Endless style inspiration ahead.

By: Laurel Pantin

If we had a dollar for every time we said “Instagram” every day, we’d have a house in the Hamptons, a closet full of Valentino and Sacai, solid-gold toothbrushes, and an actual zoo in our backyard. We’d be rich. Such is the beauty of the world’s most addictive app.

It’s also a gold mine of style inspiration, obviously, and one that (as proved by the above scenario) we reference constantly. Here are the very best looks we saw this week.


Best Audrey Hepburn: Gemma Arterton in Altuzarra

“People always say ‘[Insert new ingenue actress] is the next Audrey Hepburn,’ which is usually inaccurate, because, really, who could be? But after her press tour for Their Finest (which is actually a great movie—see it), I actually think Gemma Arterton might be that person. Plus, Joseph Altuzarra is a great candidate to fill Hubert de Givenchy’s shoes as her designer companion.” —Emily Ramshaw

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@teamsaltzman

Best Interpretation of Loungewear: Veronika Heilbrunner

“I know loungewear is supposed to make you relaxed, but I can’t do it. It just makes me feel...down. Whenever I work from home, I’m usually wearing something I would wear out that makes me feel nice. So I am all for Veronika’s Cartier Juste un Clou photo series, which highlights the importance of everyday things. The Juste un Clou line is all about glamour and freedom, and to that I say: ‘Let them eat tortilla chips in Saint Laurent Pumps!’” —Tara Gonzalez

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@veronikaheilbrunner

Best Case for Bitchy Resting Face: Veronique Tristram

“I love Veronique Tristram. I see her every season at fashion week, and she’s just such a bad-ass. Totally unamused, just doing her thing in those wild Balenciaga espadrille boots. She’s the dream. This look is the epitome of what makes her so special—the proportions are *nuts* yet really work, her glasses are signature bonkers Tristram, and her expression? So not having her own selfie. I love her so, so much.” —Laurel Pantin

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@veroniquetristram

Most Likely to Break Out into Song: Cate Blanchett

“There’s just so much going on in this photo I don’t even know where to begin! First of all, I’m loving everything from Louis Vuitton’s Jeff Koons collaboration; owning something eye-catching and special that’s pretty much a piece of art in itself? I’m in. But when the fashion house had an event at the Louvre and Cate Blanchett showed up—structured top, collar popped, single earring and all—I truly felt like she was about to start snapping her fingers and break out into a song (I’m thinking it would be something from Grease). I mean this in the best way, of course—I’m one of those people who really *does* wish life was a musical.” —Samantha Sutton

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@louisvuitton

Most Likely to Stop Traffic: Ajak Deng

“It’s not difficult to pull off bizarre accessories when you’re a 6-foot glamazon with flawless skin, but Ajak Deng makes even a lion’s-mane-type headpiece look like an obvious choice for Sunday brunch. This throwback photo honestly could be a still from a rococo painting, flared lace sleeves and all. A healthy dose of gold jewelry ties it all together, and my Google search history is already replete with romantic gowns in shades of pale banana. Fingers crossed for me!” —Hannah Baxter

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@ajak_deng