The One Beauty Item an Editor Always Has In Her Bag

The One Beauty Item an Editor Always Has In Her Bag

It’s oily skin’s savior.

Noah Lehava

Either I’ve gotten to know my skin a whole lot better in the past few years, or I have only just recently acquired oily skin (is that a thing?). Either way, it’s a fact that I currently have oily, and occasionally dry, skin—otherwise known as combination skin. It can be a little hard to deal with, considering it literally changes just as much as the weather (which makes sense), and learning how to manage it has been a whole other problem. But I can happily say that within the past six months or so, I have pretty much gotten my routine down to a science, and one thing that I never—and I mean ever, ever, ever—leave the house without is a pack of blotting papers. Boscia blotting papers, to be more specific. They’re honestly a godsend: one sheet, and I go from looking excessively dewy to perfectly hydrated. Black charcoal, green bamboo, peppermint (it’s a little weird, I know)—you name it, and I’ve got at least one pack of them stashed in each and every one of my bags. If you have oily skin or tend to get a little shiny here and there, I suggest you follow suit.

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