Guess What Career Model Devon Windsor *Might* Have Had?

Her wardrobe is full of treasures she picked up on the runway (as in her Victoria’s Secret show robe, a Balmain dress, and jackets gifted by Tommy Hilfiger himself). New York.

By: Laurel Pantin
Styling: Laurel Pantin

When you walk for the likes of Prada, CHANEL, Balmain x H&M, and, oh, Victoria’s Secret, you can rest assured with the knowledge that you’ve officially made it as a model. But you’d never get a hint of that talking to Devon Windsor. The Missouri native (it seems there’s some kind of model magic in the water of St. Louis, being that Karlie also calls the city home) is totally laid-back and normal. Not super-sweet in the “I know I’m gorgeous, so I’m overcompensating by acting like a Kindergarten teacher” way,

Being that she’s so major and also so nice, we knew we’d have a goldmine on our hands when we visited her Union Square apartment. What we did not expect was that it would be meticulously organized by color, and comprised of primarily black and white. Windsor has a self-assuredness about her style that means she doesn’t need to keep buying things in impulsive panic spirals (by the way, how do we get that gene?) and admits to splurging very rarely. See what we mean about the cool thing?

Click through the below to see exactly what she last splurged on and the most exciting show she ever walked in.