If You Buy Into One Trend This Spring, Make It This One

If You Buy Into One Trend This Spring, Make It This One

It’s more about a feeling than a look.

We’re part of the problem here, but there seems to be just so. many. trends. every season. And so many of them really aren’t relevant to us because maybe we don’t wear patterns, or cutouts, or culottes, or fur (real or faux).

Imagine, then, our relief to get this answer from Fivestory founder Claire Distenfeld when we asked about her favorite trends for the season: “I have been thinking a lot about how my customer wants to look. Not really what she wants to buy, but how she wants to feel,” she said.

“I think a new trend that’s happening for retail is that instead of women wanting to look expensive by buying Look #4 from the runway when everyone knows where it’s from and how much it costs, she wants to [feel] ‘well-traveled’ or ‘worldly’ (my new favorite words). With that I have started to create Fivestory branded product based on my travels around the world. We have caftans from Morocco that I designed and jackets and silk robes from India.”

Distenfeld is also feeling For Restless Sleepers (or FRS) for their luxurious-feeling robes (“I love the idea of wearing them when you have people over for dinner, or just with jeans and sneakers”), and jewelry brand AGMES, which is, in her opinion, “just the right amount of artsy, fun, elegant and whimsical.”

If a trip to Morocco isn’t in your future, or you used all your vacation days already (we know it’s only April, but it’s totally possible…) and can’t get to some far-flung locale to pick up a few well-considered souvenirs, here are some items that can help you fake it.

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