The 50 Pieces Our Editors Are Buying for Spring

The 50 Pieces Our Editors Are Buying for Spring

If our online checkout could talk.

The feeling of filling up an imaginary shopping cart full of toe-bearing sandals (hey, remember pedicures?), bathing suits (one-pieces! two-pieces! three-pieces?), and sleeveless dresses after a few very cold months is impossible to describe. You can basically taste the chilled alcoholic beverage of your choice on a balmy night, or that moment where you walk into a room with the AC on high after schlepping down the block. It’s definitely enough to make you forget all about those summer days where you show up to work sweating like you just stepped out of a sauna. Or being stuffed into an overheated subway car. Or…well, you get the point.

Given that all of the above has been a leading topic of conversation around Cov HQ since, oh, February, we figured we’d share some of that excitement (and everything we have to stop ourselves from snapping up in a weather-spurred tizzy) with you here.


 Jodi Taylor

Assistant Editor

Honestly, my style changes just as much as the weather, if not more. Somedays I feel like being super trendy (think off-the-shoulder tops, midi skirts, and fishnets), while other days Im cool with jeans, Air Force 1s, a hoodie, and hoop earrings. While my style is always changing, one thing never waivers, and that is my love for streetwear. But this spring, I have made a promise to myself to buy into the feminine side of fashion and focus my attention on some of the newer trends, such as dainty jewelry, itty-bitty bags, feminine bodysuits, and ruffled dresses (dont worry, Im still squeezing in the new Adidas x Wang jacket). Wish me luck!

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These look like the most comfy pants ever. All I need is a white tee to pair them with, and I am good to go.

Unravel Project Tapered Trousers, $1,160

 Tara Gonzalez

Assistant Editor

I love wearing pieces that no one else has. Usually this means spending hours at thrift stores or wearing things backwards, inside out, or in ways they were never intended. My creative layering gets a little harder in spring, when less clothing is required for the weather. As a result, my wardrobe gets more feminine, with flowy lace pieces, but since I don’t like anything too romantic, I often pair them with leather or studded accents. As a native New Yorker from Queens, I love the grit of the city and the style of the 1970s and ’80s. I try to channel Mick Jagger or Bowie on a daily basis, even when the flowers and sun are out. So kinda like if the cast of the Virgin Suicides went to a New York Dolls concert? At least that’s how I like to see it.

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I get excited just thinking about all the ways I can wear this: with jeans, over a lace slip, or with a bustier on top. Also, the pattern isn’t called Condom Floral for nothing—those pink little boxes are actually condom wrappers that say “Make Love.” Love is in the air, after all (and also needs to get in my closet).

Sandy Liang Truffle Top in Condom Floral, $494

 Noah Lehava

Senior Editor: Health and Wellness

My entire sartorial modus operandi has shifted over the last six months. Sure, I still love my white tees and vintage jeans, but I’ve completely abandoned the here-for-a-second trends and instead invest in beautifully crafted pieces that I’ll love to wear for longer than a season. And great transitional ones too. Spring to me signals this reprise of silks, linens, and color.

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I’ll admit, I’m not really a bag girl—I freak out more over shoes than a bucket bag. Buuuut, that all changed the moment I found Boyy. My heart dropped at first sight.

Boyy Colorblock Suede Devon Bag, $1,100

 Meagan Wilson

Editorial Manager

For me, spring and summer dressing is marked by all and any of the following: denim, airy fabrics, the perfect pair of very fancy sunglasses, kicky mule sandals and sneakers, lots of white, and lots of color. Pretty simple order, right?

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The idea of living without this enormous straw Balenciaga bag this spring offends me on every imaginable level.

Balenciaga Large Panier Tote Bag, $1,366

Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor: Features

For me, spring and summer dressing used to mean jean cut-offs, crop tops, and bikinis. And while these things are still very much among my staples (minus the crop tops, tbh), this year I’m feeling a little more reserved and am finding myself drawn to silhouettes that are a little longer and leaner.

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Cropped pants (beyond my usual denim) are my summertime MO. All the better if they’re in a super bright color.

Topshop Crop Wide Leg Trousers, $55
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