Bohemian Rhapsody

Bring on the tie-dye.

By: Sharon Ainsberg

Presenting: the latest dispatch from Sharon Ainsberg, the fabulous co-founder of SHO+CO, a boutique bi-coastal agency that focuses on celebrity and influencer initiatives.


As I get older (and yes, I hope I am getting wiser to boot), I can feel myself harkening back to my college roots and getting seriously hippie-dippie again. My Deadhead days are creeping up on me, and guess what? I dig it. I still have plenty of rocker-chic in me with my boyish-girl’s tailoring and, of course, my penchant for wearing navy, gray, and black; but the bohemian in me is starting to rear its head once again. I’ve baptized an entire room in my beach house as The Hippie Room.

As the weather begins to warm, I’m craving a bit more color and feel myself gravitating towards natural colors with punches of brights, both in my wardrobe and accessories, as well as decor. My home should be serene; so, in concert with that idea, it should feel easy on the eyes, if not a bit artistic too, stylistically. To touch upon my first post for Coveteur, I think that curating the best of bohemian style in a modern way is all about layering and texture.

Here are some of my favorite things to celebrate the hippie-dippie spirit in all of us. There’s no better time than spring to bottle up all of this crafty goodness and let our tie-dyed flags fly!


This look from Warm’s current collection has my name written all over it for beachy nights this summer.

This Greatful Dead tribute compilation spearheaded by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National will surely help you wave that flag wide and high.

These indigo Shibori napkins will complete any Bo-Ho summer table, and the price is right.

This dip-dyed and super soft cotton throw from John Robshaw is a favorite for napping in my Hippie Room.

These rope sandals in classic Rastafarian colors will be a must-have for me—and a good choice for those of you headed to Coachella this year.

These incredible pendant lamps made from the same weaving technique as fishnets are a nice alternative to the classic orb shape—I would group two, three, or even five of these together at different drop lengths for impact (don’t forget the dimmer, people!).

Every girl channeling her hippie spirit needs to own a special piece of Old Pawn Native American jewelry. I love the Zuni classic needlepoint bracelets, and you can find them with this guy in Santa Fe.

And finally, if you happen to collect art, I recently discovered the works of the late painter Michael Boyd, who has an extensive body of graphic works using the gradation-of-color, which to the eye at first looks like airbrushing but is remarkably achieved with the artist’s brush. My mind is blown by the masterful technique.