Emma Watson’s Favorite Sneakers Are Made with Hermès Silk

Emma Watson’s Favorite Sneakers Are Made with Hermès Silk

I want them sooooo badly. And you will, too.

There’s a whole lot pulling me towards Veja’s new silk sneakers. For one thing, they’re sneakers—and that’s pretty much all I wear in warm weather. For another, they’re silk; made with the same silk with which Hermès makes their scarves, so that’s a heart-eyed emoji right there. But mostly it’s because they’re sustainably made. Silk is actually the lowest carbon material you can get; the sole is made with Amazonian rubber that’s sustainably harvested; and any cotton found on the shoe is organic and fair trade. In other words, the French brand (isn’t it always the French?) know exactly what they’re doing—even Emma Watson calls them out as her favorite sneaker (and she’s an expert when it comes to eco fashion). The best part, though? I won’t even have to *live off ramen* to wear them, because despite the fancy silk and the, um, Frenchness, they still come in at a relatively reasonable $160. I can just not eat out for a weekend and have the money saved. Which is exactly what I’m going to do.


3 dinners out at about $55 each = 1 pair of Veja Holiday Silk Quartz Natural sneakers at $160

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