The Top-Searched Braided Hairstyles on Pinterest Right Now

The Top-Searched Braided Hairstyles on Pinterest Right Now

BRB, braiding.

We’re smart enough to know that braids definitely don’t fall under the category of “trend.” They’ve been around for-ev-er—but that teeny fact doesn’t make us love ‘em any less. Anytime we’re hoping to switch up our ‘do, they tend to be the solution, so when Pinterest shared its top pinned braided styles with us, obviously we had to share. Check out all the different types people are digging these days, then clear out some time in your schedule. Yes, these looks are stunning, but not all of them are easy (or quick to recreate).


Feed-in Braid

This protective style is definitely a popular one for the summer, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t searching for ideas and tutorials year-round: the search term is up by a whopping 4,000%!


Braided Top Knot

Looking for a way to spice up your simple bun? A braid, either in the front of your hair or in the bun itself, might just do the trick.


Box Braid

While this braid style was definitely big in the ’90s, box braids have made huge comeback in recent years, having been spotted on stars like Zoë Kravitz, Keke Palmer, and Beyoncé.


Halo Braid

This romantic style wraps around your head and is perfect for weddings. Hint: looser braids are often better!


Ghana Braid

Different than traditional cornrows, this style requires slowly adding in extra hair as you braid, getting thicker toward the bottom. 


Boxer Braid

Also known as a double french braid—check out our tutorial here!


Dutch Braids

The dutch braid is slightly different than a french braid in that it’s the reverse: you place each piece hair *under* instead of *over.* (PS—we like the addition of the double buns!)


Braided Pony

More proof that the addition of a braid can give any easy, everyday style a boost.


Crown Braid

A similar look to the crown braid, but a bit easier to master. Braid your hair first, then wrap it around your head and pin in place—done!


Micro Braid

With extensions, without extensions, this look consists of—you guessed it!—tons of tiny braids. The overall process can be pretty time-consuming, but the results are stunning.

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