Fashion Superlatives

Kim Kardashian Is Dressed Like a Teddy Bear

So obviously she’s our best-dressed of the week.

By: Laurel Pantin

For those of us in the New York area, this week brought a total sloppy mess weather-wise. We spent the better part of it hiding in our office, under rain slickers and boots, which means we have all the more admiration for those who had to put together lewks.

From an *actual* queen to the queen of social media, here are our top picks for the very best looks of the week.


Most Likely to Be Labeled the Most Stylish Royal…Ever: Queen Letizia

“No offense to Kate Middleton, but her structured skirt sets and wrap dresses tend to be a tad…underwhelming. What she should do? Take a page out of Queen Letizia of Spain’s book: just this ruffled red coat alone—which Letizia paired with light and white pieces for a *professional* spring look—makes me wish I could raid her closet. But thankfully, she’s saved me the trip because—wait for it—it’s from ZARA (and already in my cart)!” —Samantha Sutton

Photo: Getty

Most Cleansing: Celine Aagard

“Norwegian blogger/editor/consultant Celine Aagard is one of my favorite fashion people to follow on Instagram—she does the whole Scandinavian minimalism thing so enviably well. And this Balenciaga oversized shirt, sculptural earring situation is pretty much all I want to wear right now.” —Emily Ramshaw

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@celineaagaard_

Most Likely to Make Funyuns a Thing: Amandla Stenberg

“Does anyone know what Funyuns are made of? Because I don’t. But I also do not care after seeing Amandla SLAY while eating them. Also, I’d like a pair of zebra pants. And that top. And that shiny wall. Basically I want it all (Funyuns included).” —Tara Gonzalez

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@isabellaburley

Most Likely to Replicate Your Childhood Teddy Bear: Kim Kardashian

“Sorry, y’all, but Kim K. takes home the crown this week with her OFF-WHITE c/o A®T DAD™ LLC coat made by both Virgil Abloh and the boys of No Vacancy Inn. With material so soft I want to jump through the screen and hug her, plus those mismatched buttons, this coat is practically screaming childhood teddy bear. I’m soooo down with it." —Jodi Taylor

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@denimtears

Best Case for Being Bad: Cara Delevingne

“I have no idea what she’s up to in her personal life, but in this super deep-cut blouse and bright red patent skirt, Cara Delevingne looks like the best version of a cheesy ‘Sexy Devil’ halloween costume I’ve ever seen. I mean that in the nicest way—I love the overt sexiness of this, and all that red with that platinum hair is too good.” —Laurel Pantin

Photo: Getty