Don’t Let Selena Gomez’s Eyeshadow Distract You From This Detail

We’re loving ev-er-y-thing from her “13 Reasons Why” premiere look.

By: Samantha Sutton

Admittedly, by the end of the week, we can be pretty darn exhausted: our hair routine becomes more wash and go (or includes massive amounts of dry shampoo) rather than anything complicated, and our makeup tends to be pretty fresh and minimal. But girl—and OK, we’re half talking to ourselves, here— it’s finally the freakin’ weekend. So without further ado, we’re presenting the best beauty looks of the week—from Selena Gomez’s colorful mix to Kate Middleton’s bouncy curls—to inspire you (and us) to leave that inner lazy gal behind and prep for the fun-filled days and nights ahead.


Most Likely to Make You Rethink Your Wedding Look: Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

In a world where so. many. brides aim to have long, luscious locks for their big day (and put off getting a major cut until after they say “I do”), this OITNB star and her wife prove that having short hair on your wedding day, whether it’s curly or simple, can look so, sooo good.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@ martha_weddings

Smoothest Hair: Cara Delevigne

Aside from her pretty pink eyeshadow (which we’re totally copying, ASAP), Cara’s slightly-curled bob is so incredibly sleek that we’d probably be tempted to touch it if we were in the room with her.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@mararoszak

Most Likely to Have Some Good Skincare Tips: Zendaya

Whoa—Zendaya’s skin literally looks so fresh and *flawless* in this no-makeup photo that we’re dying to know her secrets and current beauty routine.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@zendaya

Most Likely to Own a Ridiculously Good Blowdryer: Kate Middleton

Kate is already known for having ah-mazing hair, but at 2017’s Portrait Gala, she truly looked like she just stepped out of the salon. Those curls, that volume—please share your secrets, Kate!

Photo: Getty

Best Last-Minute Solution: Chrissy Teigen:

We’re not particularly proud of all the times we sloppily piled our hair on top of our head ran out the door, but Chrissy’s slicked back ‘do reminds us that a braided bun might be the perfect (and infinitely more interesting) twist to our “running late” go-to.

Photo: Getty

Most Romantic: Emma Roberts

Between her berry lipstick and voluminous lashes, Emma Roberts looks ready for date night—or to film a romantic, heart-wrenching movie like The Notebook, preferably in a pink fit-and-flare dress. (She really rocked it for appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert)

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/ gpcbeauty

Most Colorful: Selena Gomez

Yes, the world is ooh-ing and ahh-ing over Selena Gomez’s orange eyeshadow, which perfectly matched her earrings at the premiere of 13 Reasons Why. But please don’t overlook that bright blue manicure, which is actually a nod to the show (once you watch, you'll see.) Still, it's the best color mixing of the week, hands down.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@hungvanngo