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Marc Jacobs's Favorite Hair Salon Also Doubles as an Art Gallery

It’s also where Phillip Lim and Irina Shayk get their hair cut.

Marc Jacobs's Favorite Hair Salon Also Doubles as an Art Gallery
Alec Kugler

It’s likely that if you live in New York and have spent the day walking through art galleries in Chelsea, you’ve passed by Three Squares Studio. It’s also possible that you walked into the post-industrial loft expecting it to be an art gallery and not a hair salon before realizing that it’s actually both.

Jordan Blackmore, Andi Potamkin, and Niq Ellis founded the hair salon with a creative clientele in mind. Their walls are filled with art from both local and well-known artists that rotates every three months. Their bookshelves (made by Jordan himself) are filled with books on fashion, film, and art. Their mirrors, which are suspended from the ceiling, are considered communal because with one look you can see everything and everyone in the space. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Philip Lim and models like Irina Shayk call themselves regulars, so just the mirror reflections alone could serve as style inspiration for days. 

One visit, and we’re convinced all of our haircuts need to happen in an architectural drafting chair from the 70s under hanging Edison bulbs by one of the artists at Three Square Studio. Also, all bathrooms should definitely have a chandelier too. After you take a look at the photos, we have a feeling you’ll probably feel the same.

Click through to see the salon and to hear what Niq Ellis had to tell us about how he and Jordan met, finding design inspiration in Kentucky, and the dream that inspired the name.

“From day one, from people walking by on the street, we have so many people come in asking, ‘What is this place,’ especially if they don’t see anyone cutting hair.”
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