On The Road

Why A Charitable Vacation Is The Very Best Kind

Miansai’s Michael Saiger shows us the ropes in Medellin.

By: Laurel Pantin

If there’s one silver lining to the recent...events...it’s that now, more than any other point in our lifetimes, people are committed to giving back, and standing up for what they believe is right.

Earlier this month, the Style Saves team (a nonprofit that provides underprivileged children with school uniforms and supplies, and clothes) took a trip to Medellin, Colombia to work at a local orphanage, Casa Hogar Nazareth, which cares for 30 children, ranging from ages 5 to 12. Volunteers, like Miansai founder Michael Saiger, arrived with 16 duffel bags full of donations from clothing, toys and art supplies, to basics like toilet paper and soap. “Taking the time to help those less fortunate is important to myself and Miansai because through Style Saves we can make a direct impact with the kids and communities we work with,” said Saiger.

So, what’s it like to go on a volunteer trip like this one? So glad you asked! Saiger documented the whole thing, just for us.

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“Views from Communa 13 in Medellin, Colombia.”

“We stayed at the Art Hotel which has an industrial design in the center of everything in Medellin.”

“We did an ATV tour through the mountains outside the city. I ended up covered in mud and my fiancé flipped her quad, but overall it was a highlight of the trip.”

“This week we traveled with our foundation, Style Saves, to Medellin, Colombia for our 4th annual service trip to work with an orphanage that houses 30 kids and is privately owned and operated.”

“Botero Plaza, outside of the Museum of Antioquia, has over 23 sculptures from the artist Fernando Botero and is an architecturally interesting site.”

“Attempting to teach them how to ollie on some skateboards we brought for them.”

“We brought the 30 kids at the orphanage a range of donations: Johnson & Johnson sent us hygiene supplies, Gilt gave us toys and we provided them with clothes, art supplies and everything else.”

“Pictured here is part of our volunteer group, which is made up of myself, my fiancé and Fashion Director, Rachael Russell, our Co-Founder and best friend Their Peraza and others who came to support the cause.”

“Spending time with the children was so meaningful. We came to impact others and we left being impacted by them.”

“This feisty little old lady has the energy to look after all the kids, or maybe it’s the ‘tinto’ espresso she kept making for us.”

“Just hangin’ with Joshua; the unrefuted ‘Monkey Bar King’ of Medellin.”

“Co-Founder, Their Peraza, hand painted this mural because he wanted something that they can dream of, and to him a car is a symbol of freedom; a road to conquer.”

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