Fashion Superlatives

Calvin Klein’s New Campaign Is the Best Fashion Moment of the Week

Plus, Sofia Richie in overalls and Kiernan Shipka in Rosie Assoulin.

By: Laurel Pantin

You guys! We did it! It’s officially spring! Accordingly, our favorite dressers around the world are breaking out the florals, lace-up flats, denim cutoffs, and overalls in celebration. Here are our top picks for best dressed of the week.


Most Refreshing: Calvin Klein Jeans spring ’17 campaign

“I am already very much behind everything Raf Simons is doing at Calvin Klein, but IMO, it’s his campaigns that are at a whole new level (or old, if you think about the original industry-shattering ads the brand did in the late ’80s and ’90s). Denim is denim is denim, I know, but goddamn, they have succeeded in making a jean jacket look like the ultimate in cool.” —Emily Ramshaw

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@calvinklein

Most Likely to Have Just Recently Joined a Biker Gang: Sofia Richie

“Everything about this look screams ‘I just bought my first motorcycle,’ and I am all. for. it. Leave it to Sofia Richie to look incredible in belted denim overalls, boxer braids and a cutoff tee. I would say that I am going to try to recreate this look, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t turn out anything like *this*.” —Jodi Taylor

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@sofiarichie

Most Likely to Make You Picture Warm Spring Days: Kiernan Shipka

“Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the fact that Kiernan Shipka is still only 17? And that she’s also been my style icon for multiple years? When I saw her wearing this colorful floral Rosie Assoulin dress at a screening of The Blackcoat’s Daughter—with her hair pulled back and her skin practically glowing—I started daydreaming about warmer weather and days where I’ll be able to recreate something similar (without freezing my you-know-what off). I also love how there are no accessories paired with this outfit—it’s fresh, it’s clean, and the dress does all the talking, because it’s just that good.” —Samantha Sutton

Photo: Getty

Best Case for Flats: Linda Rodin

“Anything Linda Rodin wears, does, or uses—I immediately want too. I want violet-lensed eyeglasses! I want long, flowing white hair! I want those incredible lace-up flats and denim trousers! I want, I want, I want! She’s the poster child for New York-cool.” —Laurel Pantin

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@lindaandwinks

Most Likely to Coin the Phrase ‘Sultry Sportsmanship’: Alexa Chung

“I mean, I have never looked this good playing pool. But Alexa has really inspired me to do more. Rainbow? Check. Denim? Check. Sass? Check check check.” —Tara Gonzalez

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@alexachung