Gucci Loves Memes Just as Much as You Do

The fashion house created some original ones to promote its new watch collection.

By: Samantha Sutton

If only we had a meme to express how much we love memes—especially the ones that hilariously relate to our lives and inspire us to tag our friends. We know we’re not alone in this (based, of course, on the amount of likes we see per post), but we never, ever expected Gucci to get in on the action, creating original graphics to promote its new Le Marché des Merveilles collection of watches.

Tagging each post with #TFWGucci, a high-fashion photo—captured by artists who were curated by Alessandro Michele—is accompanied by too-funny text. We could sit and explain each one to you, but we figured we’d let a few of the memes do the talking themselves, ahead.


Photo: Courtesy of Gucci/Amanda Charchian/Tatiana Berg

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci/Amanda Charchian/Tatiana Berg

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci/Meatwreck/Kyle Chayka

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci/William Ndatila/Kyle Chayka

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci/Edouard Taufenbach/Helen Holmes

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci/Polly Nor/Tatiana Berg

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci/Goth Shakira/Kyle Chayka

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci/ Benjamin Langford/Kyle Chayka

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci/Alec Soth/Tatiana Berg