This Male Model Got His Start Thanks to Riccardo Tisci

Paolo Roldan is vintage-obsessed and probably owns more jewelry than you do.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor, Noah Lehava
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

There’s no doubt that Toronto is full of many interesting, inspiring, and well-known individuals, but if there is one face that practically everyone in the city is familiar with, it’s that of model Paolo Roldan. Besides the very obvious fact that he is undeniably handsome, Roldan is admired by many for always being two (or five) steps ahead of the game when it comes to style. It’s not uncommon to find him in head-to-toe vintage with a stack of bracelets on each arm and multiple rings adorning his fingers. He pulls off items that others would never even dare to try and can literally make anything look good.

Roldan got his start in the industry thanks to none other than Riccardo Tisci, when he was chosen to close the Givenchy fall 2010 show following a last-minute casting. Tisci has played a huge role in the model’s career—Roldan told us that his experience closing the fall 2010 show “helped define myself as a person.” There’s also no knocking the fact that he takes his goals very seriously and that it pays off, seeing as how he recently both styled and modeled in Phillip Lim’s FW17 lookbook (where, of course, you can see him adorned in many of his pieces from his own jewelry collection).

Roldan’s Toronto apartment is exactly what we would have imagined for the vintage-obsessed model—walking in, we found ourselves surrounded by a plethora of taxidermy (everything from deer heads to a chicken, a boar head, and a variety of birds) amongst souvenirs and knickknacks from many a world travels. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t mentally taking notes the entire time of ways we could replicate the chill and cozy, cultured vibe of Roldan’s place. On top of the usual business of balancing rings on a knife set and wrapping a huge turquoise-and-silver necklace around a boar head (you know, casual stuff), we managed to convince Roldan to whip up something in the kitchen, and seeing as how he had yet to eat that day, eggs (with some ketchup) were fitting. At the end of it all, we were sad to part ways, but just know Roldan, we’re happy to come back whenever.

Click through the below gallery to read about Roldan's relationship with Tisci and the current collaboration he is working on.