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Jessica Hart on Never Saying Never to Beauty Trends & Her Latest Fragrance Obsession

The model let us peek in her beauty bag on the set of her new fragrance campaign. In collaboration with AERIN.

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If we’re being honest (and we almost always are), there are far worse ways to spend a day than throwing around brightly-hued rose petals poolside in a sunny backyard in Los Angeles. Factor in that we’re doing all of the above with model Jessica Hart, of course, and that becomes the understatement of the year.

The above is precisely what went down when we hung out at our video shoot for AERIN’s Rose Cologne collection (consisting of three scents—Garden Rose, Linen Rose, Bamboo Rose—all inspired by Aerin Lauder’s favorite flower). Between takes, Hart was kind enough to let us rifle through her beauty bag and ask a few questions about her routine while she sipped on an Americano. (She describes herself as a bacon over green juice girl, which instantly endeared her to us forever.) In other words? Everything was coming up roses. (What? We had to!) Eavesdrop on our conversation, below.


Her beauty routine:

“It’s not too fussy. I don’t like too many things on my skin at once, so I switch up my product combinations almost daily. I go between vitamin C serums or brightening serums with a light moisturizer and a sunscreen. I use a light face scrub about three times a week, an eye cream occasionally, and then tinted beauty balm and a bit of highlighter.”

The nitty-gritty of what you’ll find inside her beauty bag:

“Luma Cosmetics Illuminating Highlighter, Givenchy Mr. Light Concealer, Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate Moisturizer, Sisley Youth Protector 30+ Face Sunscreen, Caudalie Beauty Elixir Face Spray, and Olaplex No.3 for my hair.”


Her first ever beauty obsession (and a new favorite):

“Actually, it was perfume! I think I started with Angel, or Issey Miyake. I’m always looking for a great new scent, and now I’m in LOVE with the new Linen Rose by AERIN!”

Her favorite makeup look for a big night out:

“Much the same as the day, but with mascara, more highlighter, and maybe a pop of lip color.”

The best beauty trick she’s picked up on set:

“Illuminating highlighter and the many ways to use it, from freshening up tired skin to amping up a night-out look.”

What you’ll find in her bag:

“An eyelash curler, GlamBrows by Benefit, eye drops and about 10 different lip balms. I always have dry lips and I use lip balm for everything! Almost like a highlighter, or even on the back of my hands in dry weather.”


How she applies her fragrance:

“I spray on my wrist, or under my chest, almost on my stomach. I don’t like spraying perfume on my décolletage, as I find it to be my most sensitive skin.”

What a little fragrance adds to her day:

“I apply it in the morning for special days, or before I go out. Gives me an extra je ne sais quoi for my day, or night.”

On the beauty trends she’ll never try (or not!):

“I never say never!”

The beauty advice she’d give her younger self:

“'It doesn’t matter'. I wouldn’t have listened!”


Video edited by Modern Post

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