Inside the Ultra-Productive Morning Routine of a Celebrity Stylist

A look inside Sophie Lopez’s 6 AM starts might be enough to convert you into an early riser. In collaboration with Dyson.

Inside the Ultra-Productive Morning Routine of a Celebrity Stylist

You can learn a lot about a person by looking at how they spend their morning. After all, how you start your day speaks volumes to not just the kind of things youre into, but what kind of person you really are. Are you an early riser who likes to leisurely ease into their day? Is it hyper-efficient, or the one time of day you steal away for yourself?

In our Mornings by the Numbers series, we’ve collaborated with Dyson to illustrate how their new, practically weightless, and basically Nobel Prize-worthy Supersonic Hair Dryer is changing how we do mornings, by the numbers. After all, with drying time whittled down to mere minutes (on average six times faster than other models on the market), one question remains: what’s a girl to do with all of that extra time?


Sophie Lopez is busy. Hearing her recount where the day can take her—as she puts it, she doesn’t quite have your average “work schedule”—is exhausting, and were only listening! From fittings to appointments to getting celebrity clients (among which she counts BFF Kate Hudson and model Jourdan Dunn) ready for megawatt events and appearances to shootslong, hectic days are Lopez’s norm. Which means she’s learned to make the most of her mornings (and embrace being an early riser). Here, she lets us in on how she manages to squeeze in daily workouts despite the insanity of her calendar (having the gym come to you = key), the wonder bronzer-primer product that’ll whittle down your makeup routine to just one product, and how the Dyson Supersonic is getting her out the door faster (and allows her time to indulge in her, uh, extracurricular hobbies).



Sophie Lopez’s Mornings by the Numbers

Wake-up time: 6 AM

Morning workout: 1 hour

Coffee: 2 cups, drank in bed while checking emails

Bananas: 1, eaten for breakfast

Typical on-set call time: 7:30 AM

Typical first appointment time: 10 AM

Blow-dry time with the Dyson Supersonic: 7 minutes*

Out the door in: 30 minutes


“I’m a morning person, so I usually wake up around 6 AM. I look at my phone and have my first two coffees in bed while clicking through emails. And then I usually work out around 7:30.

“If my day is super crazy, then I have a trainer that comes to my house at 7:30 in the morning. When she comes to my house, I can just jump in the shower and get ready and be working at 9. If I don’t have a crazy day, then I’ll go to hot yoga, Barry’s Bootcamp, or Soul Cycle.

“I don’t take long to get ready; I’m quick. I jump in the shower, and then I literally throw on my go-to, which is jeans and a t-shirt. Then, I have three cigarettes for breakfast. I’m kidding! If I’m running out the door, I’ll eat a banana.


“In the mornings, I use Karen Grossman’s cleanser, Karyng, and the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel. Usually if I’m working in the daytime, I really don’t wear much makeup, so I’ll just put on Tom Ford’s Bronzing Primer. Then I’ll rough-blow-dry my hair while its damp. The Dyson Supersonic is really good. It’s really fast, and my hair doesnt feel dried out after using it. I used to not really blow-dry my hair, because I don’t like my hair feeling dry—I have highlights and a bit of ombre in my hair, and usually the dyed hair feels different than the un-dyed bits after blow-drying. With this, it all feels good. It takes me maybe half an hour altogether.

“I never have a work schedule. Every day is different. If we have appointments, they usually start at 10. With pulls, you do appointments all day, and start around 9:30 or 10, when the showrooms open, and you just go from place to place all day long. Or you could have days where your clients are getting ready, so you’re running around picking up dresses and alterations from the seamstress. If it’s a fitting, generally we start around 11 AM, but we start earlier, loading up the car with all of the clothes and racks. If we have shoot days, then call time is around 7:30 in the morning. Very rarely would you have any call time past 9. That would be, like, a dream. If you’re doing early-morning TV, it’s horrible, you’re in glam for 5 AM. It’s really just so different every day.”



The Dyson Supersonic, by the Numbers

2,000: scientists & engineers involved in the development of the Dyson Supersonic (!)

$71 million: cost of research & development of the dryer (!!!)

6x: motor is on average (six times) faster than other dryers motors

3x: volume of air drawn into the motor compared to normal dryers (thanks in part to Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier™ technology—basically this allows it to stream out high-pressure jets of air)

20: times a second (!) the dryer’s glass bead thermistor measures the temperature (the data is then sent to the dryer’s microprocessor, which controls the patented heating element).

4: temperature settings (high, medium, low, constant cold)

3: airflow settings

3: magnetic attachments

16: patents pending on additional magnetic attachments

Beauty: Debra Ferule for Tracey Mattingly


*Results may vary depending on hair type.

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