Backstage at Dior’s Fall 2017 Show

Fluffy waves and clean skin seem to be the look of the moment.

By: Laurel Pantin, Samantha Tse

While Dior’s fall 2017 collection felt tougher than years past, with its deep blue denim theme, the beauty look was pure romance. Soft waves framed faces that had just a touch of Dior’s new Pump ‘n’ Volume Mascara (developed by Peter Philips, naturally). All topped off with oversized sunglasses, and leather berets (which are officially at the top of our fall wish lists now). If ever there was a case for keeping your beauty look simple (also, pastel hair nets?), this is probably it.

Click through to see how stylists Guido Palau and Philips crafted the look, and get a closer look at the collection here.


"The hair is very soft, very pretty. I’m doing the tissue set again, like I did at couture. It’s a much softer lightness and prettiness. It’s an organic feeling to soft, pretty hair." —Guido Palau

"[The makeup is] almost nude. It’s very soft."—Peter Philips

"It's a youthful beautifulness. Maria Grazia just likes pretty and soft and romantic."—GP

"The collection is kind of dark. So we wanted to keep a lightness to [the makeup]. We went for a very natural, fresh look."—PP

"It’s almost like she went out the night before and there’s a bit of leftover black around the eye that you don’t really see, but when you take a Q-tip, you find it. That’s actually the look."—PP

"I’m going to brush it before they go onto the runway so it’s very light. The effect would be soft and brushed and light and pretty and feminine. It seems that Maria Grazia (Chiuri, artistic director of Christian Dior) really responds to girls who are unfettered in a way and very pretty." —GP

"So it’s about beautiful skin, a little bit of glow on the side of the face and eyelids, some lip balm. Eyebrows are enhanced, but very subtly."—PP

"The hair will be dreamy and soft against the toughness of the beret."—GP

"I used a bit of the Pump and Volume Mascara (launching April 15, 2017 in Sephora) in the middle of the eye and the lashes, then I combed them out with a lash comb and then finally I use an eyebrow brush and blend the mascara to the roots of the lashes and with the leftover, I run it under the eye so you get a blackish-greyish leftover like from the night before. It kind of dresses the eye in a strange but natural way."—PP