You Should Be Buying Your Fall Wardrobe Now—Yes, We’re Serious

It’s far and away the most luxurious way to shop. In collaboration with Moda Operandi.

You Should Be Buying Your Fall Wardrobe Now—Yes, We’re Serious

We have officially discovered the mecca of luxury shopping, friends (and were about to share it with you, so pay attention). Imagine wandering around Moda Operandi’s Madison Avenue salon, hands running over fresh-off-the-runway Ralph Lauren and Rosie Assoulin. Now imagine that you have entire fall collections (the New York shows having just wrapped) available with just a few clicks on whatever device youre suddenly compelled to use to get to Moda Operandi’s website, like, now. But you don’t have to imagine, because you can make this happen for real. And with guidance provided by Elizabeth Leventhal (MO’s general merchandising manager for ready-to-wear), right down to the designers and trends to spend your pre-ordering budget on, you basically already have your fall wardrobe sorted.



“The experience of it is really different than traditional shopping.”


How you can shop a designer’s entire collection just days after their show:

“Our trunkshow model is a showcase of each designer’s full collection. [For our customers, it’s] the sense that you get access to designers’ entire collections. You essentially get to be your own buyer. We also have a stylist team that helps curate your wardrobe for the season ahead. The merchandising team is also curating the brands that have the best and most exciting collections.We showcase the trunkshows on our website anywhere from when its walking to five days after the show. That’s the frame of when you’d see a collection on our site.”

How their team works all night (!) to make it happen:

“We try really hard not to disrupt our partner’s market appointments; the minute after they show, they go into market [ed note: aka the week or so after a brand shows, they have one-on-one market appointments with editors and buyers]. We have a production team that shoots the collections overnight, and then the pieces are back with the designers and brands by 8 AM the next day for their appointments.


Why pre-ordering is like giving yourself a present:

“When you pre-order, the delivery date is stated on the website to give you an idea of when your shipment will be coming. The experience of it is really different than traditional shopping. It’s not to say you forget about your orders, but you are building this wardrobe for the next season. As your orders start to trickle in, it can start It’s like it’s your birthday almost every day because you are getting a beautiful package from Moda with next seasons must-haves. It really becomes this experience of being set for this season before it ever starts.”


The New York designers you should be investing in now:

Rosie Assoulin’s collection was incredible. It’s always beautiful, but I love how she reinvents a theme—this time it was Beauty and the Beast. She really has a fun way of presenting.

“I was most excited to see Calvin Klein with the change of Raf Simons- the collection lived up to the hype and excitement around the changes. Ralph Lauren, which launched on our site immediately after it walked, has been interesting to watch as another one of our partners moves to showcasing a Spring collection during the traditional Fall runway season.

“I think Monse and Oscar de la Renta was something that we are all really interested in because they showed together. They were both beautiful. They were able to take the Oscar woman to a modern level; and Monse is just that cool woman you want to be."


“We have a production team that shoots the collections overnight, and then the pieces are back with the designers and brands by 8 AM the next day for their appointments.


What you need to be stocking up on for fall 2017:

“There is always a theme around color. This season it’s olive green; we are seeing pops of that in every collection. Also, a chartreuse yellow—a really rich mustard yellow coloring—which I’ve seen mostly in evening clothes.

“Plaid is another big one. It runs the gamut, but plaid suiting is the statement this season. I’ve seen velvet everywhere including accessories—even on head pieces. Pearl detailing is also a small trend we see popping up.

“We also saw the real extreme of really beautiful, almost couture, evening down to a lifestyle look—but everything was very novelty. There is no such thing as a plain suit anymore—there is really interesting construction or a detail that makes it stand out.”



“It’s like it’s your birthday almost every day.”


What should be the building blocks of your fall wardrobe (i.e., the essentials):

“Start with accessories. An evening boot is something that we have definitely seen on the runway—and platforms have made a comeback. Fur is also everywhere in the fall season, but designers have done it super colorful—get one that is absolutely elegant like Brock Collection’s salmon-colored coat!

“Then there’s knitwear. Sally Lapointe always has really great novelty details and a lot of it is fur on the knitwear. And then a really cool suit! There is the idea of this powerful woman wearing a suit in the middle of the day. Of course, I think a statement outerwear piece is key!”


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