Getting Ready

The Women's March Playlist Manchester by the Sea Star Anna Baryshnikov Listened To Before the Oscars

Talking best mom advice and gorging on a big bowl of pasta post-Vanity Fair party.

By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Adam Torgerson

It’s true, our relationship with awards shows is a glorious one. For one thing, we’re always there for the best part—the pre-game (because that also happens to be where the champagne will be)—and get to hang out with some of our very best friends ahead of their very big night. And the Oscars is at the zenith of our awards show ranking—this is peak glamour.

So when Manchester by the Sea star Anna Baryshnikov (you might recognize the moniker she shares with her famous father, Mikhail Baryshnikov) invited us over to play dress-up with stylist (and Cov-alum) Sarah Slutsky and listen to Destiny’s Child before she headed off to Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party in her Vionnet gown, we were obviously there to capture every moment. And just before she headed out the door to party with her Oscar-winning co-star, while hairstylist Adam Campbell and makeup artist Sage Maitri did their final touches, we talked the one thing she always forgets to do before a big appearance, remembering to breathe, and winding down post-party with a big bowl of pasta.


“[The first thing I did this morning is] have a big meal. With all of the craziness of getting ready, it’s easy to forget, and I’m the first one to get grumpy. Then, I shower and drench myself in moisturizer—I love Eucerin, it’s so basic and I get it from CVS, but it works.”

“I spent about half of the Golden Globes party with my shoes in my hand. So [for my shoes] it’s more about comfort, and I’m wearing Nicholas Kirkwood. That’s what I appreciated about Sarah [Slutsky], the first thing she asks is, ‘Can you breathe? Can you walk?’ Even though you want to look great, you also want to feel great, and I’m one of those people that wants to be comfortable.”

“[Before a big event] I’ve been using a Clinique face oil that I really like, and Nugg moisturizing face masks, which come in little pods—which is nice because you can travel with them.”

"Adam Campbell did my hair, and Sage Maitri did my makeup. I’ve worked with them before, which is really nice.”

“I love using a Dr. Jart moisturizing sheet mask; if I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep, I’ll use an undereye mask that I’ll throw in the fridge a little bit before. Even if all that stuff just ends up being mental, I feel like I’ve prepped in all the ways. More often than not, I forget to shave my legs or I don’t shave my legs. [laughs] But at least my face is ready.”

“I’ve been listening to a playlist my friend made for the Women’s March called Nasty Babes. It’s all girl-power-centric songs. Like ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ by Christina Aguilera, ‘Bad Girls’ by MIA, it’s just a fun playlist with a lot of throwbacks and a lot of Destiny’s Child.”

“I usually like to Facetime with my mom or sister before [a red carpet] because even though you have all these professionals doing their thing, at the end of the day you want one of your friends or nearest and dearest to pump you up. For whatever reason, it’s easy to get a little bit nervous before you walk out the door, so it’s nice to have a little TLC from someone close to you.”

“I’m wearing a dress by Vionnet, which I love. It’s an asymmetrical dress with fitted bodice and crepe-y overlay that’s draped and falls from the waist. My stylist, Sarah Slutsky, was telling me about Vionnet and how she was part of modernising women’s fashion—she liberated women from corsets and made their personality and comfort the center of what she was doing. A lot of her dresses look very statuesque, which I love too.”

“I’m wearing jewelry from this cool company called Shiffon, which is by two young women who met in Harvard as undergrads, and started a company that uses only ethically sourced gems. They give half of their profits to a non-profit that they started called Startup Girl Foundation, which provides young female entrepreneurs with grants and a network of mentors. The jewelry on its own is just really stunning, but it’s nice to feature designers that are making socially conscious work.”

“I was really nervous the first time I had to do a step-and-repeat when Manchester by the Sea came out at Sundance, and I called my mom and she said, ‘I know you’re getting all glammed up and getting photos taken, but don’t forget that this part is supposed to be fun! If a hair falls out of place or your lipstick smudges, it just means that you’re having a good time.’ I think it’s a reminder that as an actor this is part of what you do, but it’s supposed to be a sincerely fun part of it.”

“And remember to breathe. Sometimes when I’m taking a photo, I realize I’m not breathing!”

“I’ve been using the same perfume since I was 16 and I love the way it smells, but I also think it’s become a mental thing that I just need to give one last spray before I walk out the door. It’s Stella by Stella McCartney, and I think I probably spray too much of it.”

“[After the party] I’ll probably go home and make a big bowl of pasta with butter and fall asleep watching TV. [Laughs]”

“Recently, I’ve been really obsessed with Janelle Monae, so if I saw her in the distance, that would probably be enough.”