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5 Reasons Why Jimmy Kimmel Should Always Host The Oscars

He handled that whole Best Picture thing surprisingly well!

5 Reasons Why Jimmy Kimmel Should Always Host The Oscars

From the first opening bit, all the way to the end, we loved Jimmy Kimmel. If he isn't invited back next year, there's going to be trouble. However, if he didn't prove he's able to stay calm under pressure, thereby earning himself a return invitation we don't know what it's going to take. Academy, if you're reading this, allow us to make our case.

1. His feud with Matt Damon is just too good.

He used his opening monologue to rag on Damon, and kept it up through the whole show. We're not sure where this beef comes from, but it actually made us LOL. We especially loved his tongue-in-cheek praise of We Bought A Zoo (a movie we happen to actually love). Kimmel then went on to literally play him off the stage while Damon was presenting an award with Ben Affleck. Jimmy Kimmel is truly a delight!

2. He dropped candy from the sky...three times

He sent candy down twice, then just for good measure, he sent a third round of parachuted parcels falling from the sky, this time filled with cookies and donuts. It doesn't get much better than that.

3. Oh wait… it *did* get better.

When he had an unsuspecting tour bus re-routed to the Dolby theater, had Denzel Washington "marry" an excited couple, and made all of us at home simultaneously tear up and giggle.

He also made Jennifer Aniston gift her sunglasses as a wedding present. We died.

4. HE TWEETED @realDonaldTrump LIVE ON TV!

Yep, this actually happened, and it was incredible.

5. He did a special Oscars edition of Mean Tweets.

Evidently, Miles Teller seems like "the kind of guy who would request Gangnam Style at a wedding where he doesn't know either the bride or groom." Watch the whole skit below.

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