This Ring Is Totally Worth Giving Up the Subway For

This Ring Is Totally Worth Giving Up the Subway For

Going to extreme lengths to justify my shopping addiction, friends.

Alec Kugler

Help me, I’m poor. Despite just having made a serious jewelry investment, I can’t help myself from wanting more. Especially when “more” looks like these SheeBee rings. I’m transitioning into a super-tanned (fake) Italian woman covered in heavy gold jewelry (aka the best version of myself, and my final form before I reach Nirvana), and one of these as a bold pinkie ring is a necessary next step. But because I already gave up all other shopping in favor of an antique rose-gold Albert chain necklace, I have to reach a little deeper for this one and forfeit something a bit more necessary. Therefore, I do hereby commit to not taking the subway for the next seven (!!!) months in order to afford this ring. Nobody could ever accuse me of being responsible with my money, but they couldn’t call me plain, either.


2x daily subway rides at $2.75 x 7.25 months = one SheBee ring at $1200

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