These Are the 7 Biggest Decor Trends of 2017

Should you be in the mood to redecorate.

These Are the 7 Biggest Decor Trends of 2017

By now you know we have a serious obsession with interiors. From a jewelry designers L.A. pad to the home of the cutest, most creative couples ever (here, here, and here), we’re investing more and more of our attention (and funds) into our living space.

That being said, and this being a new year, we’re hoping to spruce things up a bit—as in, having matching flatware and stemware rather than eating out of whatever delivery container we happen to be eating out of, or drinking straight from the wine bottle. Which means we’re trolling Pinterest on the reg, looking for fresh design inspiration. So, we turned to them to clue us in to the biggest interiors trends of 2017. Behold: the seven elements we’re adding to our spaces ASAP.



Perhaps not the *newest* trend, indoor plants are still a thing. And thankfully so! They help purify the air in your apartment and also, obviously, are pretty and happy-making!


Dark Blue

Moody, navy blue accents offer a break from the Swedish vibe of vibrant blue from years past. Try it in velvet accents, or in pops of decor around your space.



No surprise here (everyone likes warm and cozy!), hygge is still coming in hot. Don’t know what this means? Look no further than here. Pinterest is the ultimate resource for hygge inspiration.


Marble Wallpaper

Our walls might be the only place that *don’t* already have marble on them. Marble wallpaper was a natural next step.


Acrylic Decor

We’re all for furniture that makes a statement, especially pieces that make a statement by virtually disappearing. We love clear acrylic pieces, but are also nuts for ones with a subtle tint of color.



The brass of 2017 is officially copper.


Heated Floors

We’re guessing this has something to do with hygge, and we *definitely* like it!


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