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This Is How a Fashion Designer Does a Trip to the Philippines

Craving a getaway? Click through Monique Lhuillier’s travel diary from the island of Cebu—it’s kinda the same thing.

By: Meagan Wilson

If you’re sitting at your desk or listlessly scrolling through your phone, chances are you could deal with a getaway. Consider Monique Lhuillier’s Philippines travel diary, below, a mini-vacation for your brain: we dare you to scroll through the images of mangos cut into flowers and the sunny shores of Cebu and be able to swear you don’t feel the vitamin D radiating through your screen. We can swear we did.


“Every year, my family and I go to the Philippines for the holidays.”

“My travel partners. Went with my sister and family that live in Paris.”

“Packing essentials.”

“Good morning! Breakfast at Mom’s house in Cebu. Best mangoes in the world! Also my favorite.”

“Exploring the island of Cebu.”

“Vacation city style.”

“Welcome to my childhood home! Christmas at Mom’s house.”

“Christmas dinner, seafood paella. Yum!”

“Next we traveled to Pamalican Island Amanpulo Resort. Pristine beaches, only accessible by plane. 300 inhabitants, no cars, only golf carts for transportation.”

“Cerulean sky and turquoise sea merge at Amanpulo, a whisper-quiet private island retreat in the Philippines. Part of the Cuyo Archipelago, northeast of Palawan Island, guests arrive by private plane to the island’s own airstrip.”

“Beach villa.”

“Island style.”

“Aerial view of us on the beach—heaven.”

“Beautiful beaches with clear blue water.”

“Beach lunch: arugula salad with fresh parmesan.”

“Boating around the island to snorkel and feed the fish.”

“Sunset cruise.”

“Hors d’oeuvres and cocktail hour on the boat.”

“Breakfast and morning yoga.”

“Daily beach walks. Wearing Audrey sunglasses.”

“Island style.”

“Chocolate lava cake on the island.”

“Happy New Year! Sunset view.”

“Last night in paradise. Dinner under the stars. Lechon de Leche, a Filipino delicacy.”

“Seafood paella at Amanpulo.”

“Heading back to L.A.!”

“Till next time!”

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