How Adam Lippes Makes Any Space Feel Rich and Lived-In

In another life, the fashion designer could easily have been a decorator.

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How Adam Lippes Makes Any Space Feel Rich and Lived-In

Designer Adam Lippes is widely known for his upscale, but totally comfortable aesthetic. His eponymous label includes the kind of under-the-radar, super-luxe items that we dream of building our wardrobe around, and while he’s a household name within the fashion industry, we had no idea he was such an interiors buff on the side. “The inspiration around the line comes back to refinement and sportswear,” he said of his label. “All of the inspiration for the collections comes from interiors. I think I’m sort of a frustrated interior designer.”

We visited his Washington Square Park townhouse a week before his NYFW presentation (which is taking place today!) to snoop through his (many, many insanely beautiful) collections, and pet his two matching labradoodles, all the while hearing exactly how he makes a space feel historic and lived in, even when you’ve only been there a year or two.

“I do do some interiors. I don’t really talk about... And for myself, I like moving things around. I think fashion design and interior design are all of the same ilk, like art with constraints. We have the constraints of the body, or we have the constraints of the four walls, or the constraints of engineering in architecture. There are designers who are looking at fashion magazines all the time; I’m always looking at interiors.”
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