Now It’s Even Easier to Stock up on Korean Beauty

Now It’s Even Easier to Stock up on Korean Beauty

No more begging your friends to bring you products back from Seoul.

In the beginning of the whole K-beauty phenomenon, it was kind of a mission to track down the good stuff stateside—the essences, the sheet and splash masks, the snail creams—and more importantly the how-to behind it all. But we discovered Peach and Lily, Soko Glam, Glow Recipe and of course, the flight attendants to guide our way.

Now, lucky for you guys, K-beauty is making it’s way into everyone’s lives, and in a big way. Recently Peach and Lily launched at Target (!) and Nordstrom will be hosting a special pop-up shop (from February 10th until March 30th) carrying a slew of cult beauty favorites. So you can fuel your skincare addiction without having to go down an Amazon hole of ratings and reviews… and remember, if you need help deciding which cleanser to buy, we’re always here.

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