Go to Morocco Without Even Leaving Your Desk

Amanda Shine takes us along on an aesthete’s dream trip to Marrakech.

Go to Morocco Without Even Leaving Your Desk

For those unaware, Amanda Shine has excellent taste. Taste so excellent, she formed her business on it. With her company, The Setting, she aims to help overhaul the way *we* (those with taste significantly less excellent than hers) entertain. With her line of beautiful, handmade ceramics, she’s transforming one family-style dinner at a time from “a bunch of stuff I ordered last-minute on Seamless” to “I have my shit together, and I know how to throw a grown-up party.” Did we mention that a portion of each of her sales goes to City Harvest to help fight hunger in New York? Because it does.

Being that she’s made her name on her eye (so we’re sure girl knows how to travel), and we’re stuck in freezing New York and it’s February , and we don’t have any vacation on the horizon, we agreed to be virtually whisked along on her dream trip to Marrakech with her friend and business partner, illustrator Billur Kazaz. Twist our arms, Shine.

Billur and I traveled to Morocco for an inspirational trip to explore the colors and cooking of Marrakech. Our trip was anchored by an upcoming spring/summer project which led to us journeying to North Africa for ideas. Our handmade line of homeware, The Setting, was launched with customizable ceramics and has grown into a high touch boutique branding and programming agency. As we prepare to launch our first hotel project, we wanted to experience hospitality and travel from a different perspective, and our adventure to Morocco did not disappoint!”

“Touchdown! After an easy flight in from JFK, I landed at Casablanca International airport. The morning fog cleared to reveal the greenest ground I’d ever seen.”
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