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Ally Brooke's Next Career Move Has Nothing to Do with Fifth Harmony

The singer told us she's started to pursue acting.

Ally Brooke's Next Career Move Has Nothing to Do with Fifth Harmony
Adam Torgerson

If Destinys Child, NSync, and the Spice Girls have taught us anything, its that bands, as great as they may be, dont stay together forever. Members have different interests and individual goals, and while Fifth Harmony is still going strong, Ally Brooke has another, future career path in mind.

“Acting is definitely a passion of mine, she revealed to Coveteur after chatting about beauty tips. “I’m pursuing that right now, and it’s something that I’ve loved since I was a little girl. Obviously, with the Fifth Harmony schedule we have a lot going on, and we’re so busy, but I am definitely pursuing acting as much as I can.”

Read what else Ally had to say about the topic ahead, along with the time she got starstruck at the People's Choice Awards. 

She’s loved acting forever:

“SinceIwasalittlegirl, Ive lovedacting and hadapassionforit. I would study movies and characters, think of script ideas on my own, and think of different characters. That is something that is in my heart and one day, hopefully, Ill be able to really, really do something with that.”

She once freaked out meeting Chrissy Metz: 

“I met Chrissy Metz from This Is Us at the People's Choice Awards, and another actor who is on the show, Lonnie Chavis. I freaked out because This is Us is my favorite TV show right now. It is so incredible—it really touches on your heart and its something that you watch and you feel so happy. You feel what the characters are going through. Its just a beautiful show! So we ran into each other and I freaked out like, ‘Oh my goodness! I am such a big fan. I think you all are amazing, may I please take a picture with you?’ Chrissy was so sweet; we had a conversation and she was so thankful for me watching the show. Shes wonderful. And Lonnie, he is young. He freaked out because he loves Fifth Harmony! So for me that was so cool. I was like, ‘Oh my god! He loves us!’ It was a really cool moment.” 

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