How to Get Bryce Dallas Howard’s Origami-Inspired Updo

Adir Abergel breaks down the tools and steps required to get this red carpet look at home.

By: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Justin Campbell

As we steadily make our way through awards season, it’s becoming more and more apparent to us that updos are having a major moment; what other way are you meant to show off a neck full of jewels at varying lengths? This was exactly Adir Abergel’s plan of action upon seeing close friend and collaborator Bryce Dallas Howard’s red carpet look for last night’s SAG Awards. With a long maroon sequined number being the gown of choice, and a neck full of layered jewels, Abergel decided on “an architectural and modern updo featuring a deep side part, side-swept bangs, and an origami-inspired back detail secured with unique Adir x Lelet NY barrettes.”

Luckily for us, he broke down the tools and steps necessary so we can replicate this perfectly architectural look ourselves. Happy updo-ing.




large round brush
flat iron
clear elastic
Virtue Labs Polish Unfrizz Cream
Virtue Labs Uplifted Volumizing Whip
Virtue Labs 6-in-1 Styling Cream
Virtue Labs The Finale Shaping Spray




Get the look:

1. Start off with clean hair and apply the Virtue Labs Polish Unfrizz Cream all over, which will calm any unruly hair and ensure a frizz-free look. Comb through for even distribution.

2. Apply the Virtue Labs Uplifted Volumizing Whip to roots. This will thicken hair and create memory for a look that will last all night.

3. Create a deep side part and blow-dry hair with a large round brush to create sleek, side-swept bangs.

4. Dry the rest of the hair completely. Smooth over the entire head with a flat iron until completely straight.

5. Gather all hair into a low-slung ponytail a few inches below the nape of the neck, and secure with a clear elastic. Use the Virtue Labs 6-in-1 Styling Cream to smooth any flyaways or layers in the ponytail.

6. Flip the ponytail upwards, then fold it over onto itself so the ends are facing downwards.

7. Secure into place with your favorite Adir x Lelet NY barrettes, positioned at an angle for a more modern twist.

8. To ensure the shape will hold all night, and to add an extra shine factor, finish off with the Virtue Labs The Finale Shaping Spray all over.